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Episode 35. Birth Story: Activating Aligned Intuition Through Childbirth


Kate Fisher is a mother of 2 who after the birth of her children, discovered her innate power within and left her corporate career in HR to pursue her newfound dream to be a support for other persons moving through the vastly complicated, magical, and awakening joinery of re-aligning to intuition.

In our conversation today, Kate shares the details and differences between the birth of her first daughter Poppy and second daughter Sophia and what she chose to do differently the second time around. We cover the power of Hypnobirthing in her experience as well as how it felt to visit that place of oneness and peace during labor and how birth helped cultivate new ideas and a new version of herself and mission in the world.

Kate now practices as an intuition alignment coach and runs her business called Ignite Intuition. I support my clients to establish a trusted connection with self awareness, self trust and self honor.

Meet Kate:

Hi there, I’m Kate, Mum to two young daughters (and a spaniel), wife, daughter, big sister and friend. Like most, I’ve lived and experienced some of life’s hurdles. Loss & grief, complicated relationships, self-sabotaging behaviour, post-natal challenges, crippling anxiety, a deep sense of professional unfulfillment – to name a few. By nature, I am fiercely driven, tenacious, wildly enthusiastic, high energy and get such a kick out of seeing something tangible emerge from my graft.

I’m all about action and I want it all done perfectly, yesterday. Let’s just say, it’s been a complicated relationship with myself for as long as I can remember and honestly, my World has come crashing down a few times.

Following the birth of our children, I realised that something simply had to change. I physically couldn’t be all the things anymore. I could no longer tolerate the bitter disappointment and violent self-hatred of not living up to my own expectations.I felt desperate, exhausted, utterly depleted and as though I was clinging on by a thread.

And so, I let go.

When I stopped trying so damn hard. When I gave myself permission to step down from my self-imposed position of striving for outward perfection no matter what it costs me, I began to create a tiny slither of space in my life.

Within this space, I began to reconnect with my intuition. I stopped running, I was honest, I was vulnerable, I began to repair my battered and bruised relationship with myself and it recalibrated my energetic capability. I upgraded my energy to VIP and it initiated transformation in my daily existence far beyond my expectations. The all or nothing thinker in me finally began to quieten down, the destructive limiting belief system, the narrative that I had created for my life that had me believing I either needed to aim for perfect or not bother at all, slowly but surely began to fade.

I am here to tell you that there is a middle ground. It is here that the masculine & feminine energy collide headfirst with each other. It’s beautifully balanced. It’s potent, it’s powerful – it’s MAGIC

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