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Trusting YourSelf Will Shift Your Entire World !

Are you ready to transform your life from within?


Picture a world where you trust yourself completely, where intuition guides you effortlessly toward your goals with resilience and grace.


That's the world we'll create together.

You have dreams as vast as the sky and a heart brimming with passion, yet something holds you back.


Let's uncover what it is and release it together.

Sis, your intuition called,

and She Misses the Hell Outta You!

Success isn't found in self-help books or rigid formulas. It's found in the quiet spaces within yourself, where your truth resides. With my blend of coaching and energy work, we'll delve deep, unraveling limiting beliefs and clearing blockages.

As we journey inward, you'll gain clarity and purpose. You'll trust yourself in new ways, making decisions with confidence. The hustle transforms from a burden into a joyous dance toward your dreams.

Are you ready to step into your power? Let's answer the call of your intuition and unleash your incredible potential together. Trust yourself, trust the process, and let's make your future brighter.

Rebel Options for All

Whether you're here to ditch diet culture, learn how to process and empower yourself through your emotions, prepare for or integrate a plant medicine experiences, or you are simply unsure of your purpose, Meg's approach will help you see your path, know your worth, and lean into life with true meaning!

Plant Medcine
plant medicine integration coach.jpg

Feeling called to work with plant medicine? Preparation and integration work is just as important as your medicine immersion.


Having a coach to guide you as you embark on this deep spiritual journey benefits you in immeasurable ways. I will help you:

  • Understand if medicine is right for you

  • Prepare your body, mind and soul for the experience through dietary recommendations, practices, and other groundwork

  • Discover and set a meaningful intention for your journey with the medicine

  • Know what to expect from a logistical standpoint

  • Feel supported leading up to, and after your psychedelic experience

  • Offer guideposts and tools to assist in your integration process

  • Maintain connection to the medicine and your healing long after the effects of the plant "wear off"

  • Continue on the "path" and continue peeling back layers and move deeper into healing

Plant Medicine Preparation
& Integration

Coaching Packags


For a deeper exploration, the Integration program spans three months and includes 12 weekly coaching and breathwork sessions plus and continuous Voxer coaching. We will go deep into your belief patterns and break new ground as we shift thoughts, emotions, actions and results! With breathwork as a guiding force, we will set the stage for your new life where you appreciate your body for the instrument that it is, and use your intuition to guide choices around food and movement.


This investment in yourself also includes worksheets and journal prompts as desired, a copy of each of Meg's cookbooks, guided Breathwork and meditation audios, and your personalized plan.

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In the Embodiment program, spanning 6 weeks, we will work together to reshape your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. Program includes weekly coaching and energetic sessions, and continuous Voxer coaching. We will dive deep into the roots of you relationship to food and your body, begin to reprogram your mind, and set the stage for healing. We'll go over the basics of body neutrality and eating intuitively so you can move forward in freedom!


This investment in yourself also includes worksheets and journal prompts as desired, a copy of each of Meg's cookbooks, guided Breathwork and meditation audios, and your personalized plan.

Coach Meg Pearson.jpg


But if you're truly ready to take your journey to new heights, the DEEP DIVE program is the ultimate immersion. With a one-year 1:1 container, you will have access to deep dive soul sessions, breath sessions, coaching sessions, Voxer coaching, guided Breathwork and meditation audios, your personalized plan and support materials. PLUS full access to Meg's courses, programs, and workshops over the next 12 months.

(payment plan available, space is limited).


Is My R.E.B.E.L Process for You?

  • Do you catch yourself sizing up your body against others or some idealized image?

  • Do you ever sense the need to earn the right to enjoy certain foods or take a break from your exercise routine?

  • Have you ever felt that your worth is somehow tied to how you look, your weight, or the shape of your body?

  • Do you find yourself hopping on diets or cleanses frequently, and then feeling like a failure if they don’t stick?

  • Are you a believer in the concept that some foods are inherently healthy or unhealthy/ good or bad?

  • Are social situations involving food a source of stress or anxiety, causing you to avoid them altogether

  • Does your exercise routine revolve around burning calories rather than the joy and satisfaction it brings?

  • Is your mind often occupied with thoughts of changing your body?

  • Do you harbor a secret belief that your life will only be better once you attain your ideal body or weight?

"But Meg, I'm terrified of losing control around food!"


When it comes to food we think that if we manipulate and control it, we “won’t fall apart” in other areas of our lives. Whether it’s by not eating, binging, or dieting, breaking free from this cycle is essential. Constant dieting may seem like control, but it traps you in rigid rules. Surrender control and try something different!

My R.E.B.E.L Process teaches you how to allow GUIDANCE from your Soul in all areas of your life so you can trust yourself and the Universe in decision making.

"But Meg, I've tried it all!"


Learning my R.E.B.E.L Process and eating intuitively is transformative and a practice that will help you for the rest of your life! Moving beyond diet culture and tuning into your body and soul helps you foster a healthier relationship with food AND Spirit!

Embrace Total Freedom:

  • Free yourself from food-related stress.

  • Say goodbye to calorie counting forever.

  • Reclaim your social life without food judgment.

  • Possess the tools to shift beliefs around everything in life, not just food!

Coach Meg Pearson.jpg

Your relationship with food reflects your deepest beliefs about life, love, and self-worth.

Understanding and questioning these beliefs can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Plant integration coach.jpg

Using my 


While other coaches and programs might offer quick fixes and empty promises of instant happiness, I believe in a different approach. True transformation requires deep integration and a willingness to recognize that YOU are the medicine.


I have had the privilege of helping over 14,000 individuals discover their path to living an aligned and inspired life, and I am here to guide you through my R.E.B.E.L method:


R - Root Cause Recovering and Reprograming

E - Energy Work + Embodiment

B - Body Neutrality & Respect

E - Eating Intuitively

L - Living & Loving Life!

Peaceful parenting.jpg


Special BONUS!

As a 1:1 client you will also receive access to my Rebel Soul Membership, my members-only community container -  your hub for all things holistic healing and conscious living; with a no BS approach to make this work truly doable

(and dare I say, delightful?)

6 Week Program


Our 6 Week Sacred Container Together Includes:

6 X weekly 1:1 Sessions

(50 minutes each)

1:1 Voxer text exchanges

between sessions

Worksheets + Journal Prompts if Desired 

Copy of each of Meg's


Guided Breathwork &

Meditation Audios

Access to Rebel Soul Membership for the length of your program.


*CAN dollars
payment plans available

3 Month Program


Our 12 Week Sacred Container Together Includes:

12 X weekly 1:1 Sessions

(50 minutes each)

1:1 Voxer text exchanges

between sessions

Worksheets + Journal Prompts if Desired  

Copy of each of Meg's cookbooks

Guided Breathwork &

Meditation Audios

Access to Rebel Soul Membership for the length of your program.


*CAN dollars
payment plans available

1Year Program


Our 12 Month Sacred Container Together Includes:

Bi-Weekly Breathwork/Coaching  Sessions


1:1 Voxer text between sessions​

Worksheets + Journal Prompts if Desired 

Guided Breathwork &

Meditation Audios


PLUS Access to ALL Courses, Memberships,  Programs & Workshops I offer and Create Over the Next 12 Months*

Access to Rebel Soul Membership for the length of your program.


*retreat airfares not included. 

Space is very limited


Bonnie, Florida

Working with meg has helped me so much work through big emotions. Her gentle and loving coaching helped me process what was going on and she gave me tools that I continue to use.


Her breath-work sessions we did are amazing and me allowed me to go deep in my body and feel. I’m super grateful for our time together and would recommend working with her! 

Mandy, NY

Meg's open heart, vulnerability, vibrance,  & uniqueness TRULY contribute on a profound level, to me accepting myself and loving myself further and further.  I feel so connected to my soul and the truth of the universe, and I get to choose again in those moments to continue on that beautiful beautiful delicious path of coming home. 


I am so grateful that I saw you when I did, and I am so grateful you opened up slots to work with 1 on 1 clients, and I am so grateful you continue to share your journey. 

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