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Alchemize your heart &
ALIGN your life
with your BREATHE

Life long conditioning, emotional trauma, deep rooted patterns,

& repressed feelings can reside within our tissues without us even knowing it.​

Is it possible to move these energies through and out?

Can we work through our past without having to intellectualize it all?

The answer is YES.

The answer lies within your Breath.

​Breakthrough Breathwork is an experience of support in finding greater clarity, presence and ease. Breathing techniques, guided contemplations, embodiment practices and bodywork serve as catalysts to release and repattern nervous system responses.

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Each session is designed to support the breather to dislodge old beliefs and patterns that create limit or suffering. When experiencing freedom in the breath and body, new insights and choices can be much more easily accessed in future moments. 

​During this experience, you may experience past memories, emotions, and purifications that may dislodge old habits, patterns and belief structures. It is up to you to create new actions and conscious choices as a result of what you uncover in your session. With Meg's support, you will be expertly guided towards greater freedom, clarity and strength to create new patterns and relationships in your life.

"It was magical.


I've done breathwork a handful of times before and this was my favorite experience with it so far.

The way Meg explained, guided us through, and the music she chose was so ideal for me. Super grateful for this experience."

Shaina, Tamarindo

“I love Meg, she is very intuitive.


 I felt comfortable, safe, and I feel that I received insights and healing.


Thank you Meg."

Brenda, USA

"This short connection with my breath was just what I needed to fill my cup. I


I've been pouring out on family lately, as we've been going through some trauma.


And reconnecting with myself was just what I needed."

Dana, USA



  • I am an Enneagram 3 ('The Achiever")

  • In Human Design I am a "Generator", 5:1 (Heretic: Investigator)

  • I am a scorpio with cancer rising

  • I stand firm against single use water bottles!


I see you.

I appreciate you stopping by here, and also for being open to doing things differently.  


After having spent over forty years trying to "fit the mold" and "toe the line", I am done. Life is so much richer when lived in absolute authenticity. Through many, many nights of dancing with my demons and dark nights of the soul, I have gotten to intimately know who I am, where I came from, and what all this beauty and chaos is really about. 

I don't claim to know it all, but one area I am an expert in, is in being myself. Do you truly know who you are? Are you able to fiercely love you, in all pats, as you, as you are now?

Because that is what it is all about, my loves.

Connection. Truth. Self-FULLY inspired living.


Even in a world where science still rules, and history tries to repeat itself, there is another way. I have seen it.  I believe it. 


I live it.

Join me won't you, for a deep dive into the pool of your presence, and what I like to call, "essence excavation". There are many ways to swim these seas with me, and I can't wait to share my upcoming book. I can help you on your quest towards food AND financial freedom. 


Thank you for being here. I see you. 

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