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Meghan Pearson Speaker

Press & Media

Meghan is the inspiring and engaging founder of Rebel Soul Health, author, coach, and health expert for some of North America's leading print and online publications and television shows.

Meghan is a holistic chef, 4 time cookbook author and intuitive eating educator with more than a decade of experience including 7 years as executive chef and food director at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Her numerous television appearances and features with Fox News, CityTV, Forbes, and CTV are beautiful demonstrations of Meg’s love of food and energy in motion.


Latest Appearances

Breakfast Television

Ditching Diet Culture!

Meg speaks with Meredith Shaw about letting go of the "New Year, New You" narrative in favor of Non-Diet theory!

Breakfast Television

Preserving the Harvest

Sid and Meredith are joined by chef and wellness coach Meghan Pearson to learn the dos and don'ts of harvest season — and how to get the most out of your garden.

Breakfast Television

Breathwork 101

Meg teaches about the power of Breathwork live on Toronto's #1 morning show!

CTV Your Morning

Summer Rolls

Meg prepares her mango basil summer rolls and shares the sweet taste of Costa Rica!

CTV Your Morning

Intuitive Eating 101

Meg goes into some of the basics of eating from instinct with host Ben Mulroney.

CTV Your Morning

Cacao, wow!

Meg shares some facts about one of our faves plus a yummy raw chocolate recipe for a coffee alternative!


Avocado Fun

Meg and host Tracy Moore talk all things avocado!

Face the Current Magazine

Check out Meg's contributions to The Grand Return's flagship publication, Face the Current Magazine!

Face the Current is an award-winning quarterly lifestyle magazine that aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating stories of extraordinary experiences, people, and brands to provide 'fuel for an inspired life' for a more connected and sustainable way of living. 


FtC is now the official publication of The Grand Return, facilitating actionable solutions for improving human and planetary health by transforming our food systems and regenerating our ecosystems through TGR’s newest platform, Eco Farm Finder. 


The Eco Farm Finder global platform is designed as the ideal location to connect with growers, producers, agri-service providers, and true farm to table, supporting land stewards and strengthening food systems from the ground up.  


Learn more about our mission and collective movement HERE.

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