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Rebel Soul Breathwork Online Course (3 Month Pre-Recorded Program)

  • 12Weeks
  • 30Steps


Join Meg for a life-altering breathwork course designed to empower and uplift you. This pre-recorded program comprises three distinct phases, each consisting of four unique sessions, carefully crafted to guide you towards personal growth and inner transformation. Phase 1: Healing and Heart Opening Discover the power of healing and heart expansion as we delve into deep emotional work and self-compassion. Phase 2: Building Strong Foundations Explore the themes of safety, trust, and connecting with your inner core, setting the stage for personal growth. Phase 3: Empowerment and Visioning Reignite your inner fire, tap into your personal power, and start envisioning a future that aligns with your deepest desires. This program is designed with the beginner in mind, AND it will take you DEEP. The content is dripped so you will be able to access weekly sessions on a staggered basis allowing for full integration of each week's lesson.

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