Hi, I'm Meg!

I guide individuals onto their own authentic path to their heart through soul nourishing cuisine, self care practices, and accessible step by step plans that bring results.

Are you:

  • Hungry for more in life?

  • Ready to make big change but not

     sure where to start?​

  • Confused by all the outside static

     and ready for clarity & connection? 

Think of working with me like taking a spiritual deep dive, but with a down to earth approach; I'm part freedom seeking hippie, part mom, and totally real.

Scoop Up One of My Powerful Cheat Sheets to Center, Create, & Connect with Your Soul's Desire!

Food Medicine

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Food is medicine.

Your soul's Rx.

Your body will thank you. 

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Ritual RX

Have a hard time winding down at night? Feel like your mornings just disappear and you have no time to even take a breath?

Make your evening & mornings shine, with some simple routine Rx.


Through her popular cookbooks, blog, online videos and in-person culinary nutrition classes, Meg has been sharing her unique take on wellness for over a decade. 

Having overcome many health challenges, Meg embodies what she teaches; having ditched an alcohol addiction, healed from an eating disorder, and even ate away precancerous cells in her body through her Soul-Fueled Nutrition protocols. 


Integrative health is not just about what you put on your plate; it is how you live your life!  Through her one on one and group coaching practice, Meg shares her top tools and techniques to creating the life of her client’s dreams; often utilizing the exact same practices that have brought her to a life of abundance, freedom, and absolute bliss! 

Using a step by step approach, Meg's programs are simple yet profound. All you need to bring is your faith and a promise to yourself - and your soul - that your happiness comes first! 

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