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Rebel Soul


Your monthly members-only community container.

Join the vibe and connect with Meg each month for classes and content curated just for those ready to commit to themSelves, fully. 

Think spirituality, simpler. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of conflicting information and trends in the wellness and spirituality sphere?

Do you find yourself frustrated by the pressure to conform to practices or beliefs that don't resonate with your true self?

Are you seeking clarity, support, and authentic connection in your journey towards wellness and spirituality?

I have SO been there.

After a decade of helping other women come back to their heart, and a lifetime of doing the work for me to finally truly trust my soul, and let go of the rest…


Here’s what I’ve learned: 

  • It doesn’t matter how much mindset work you do; if you’re not working on the body and the energetics, then you can only do about 20% of the work.

  • A lot of what the wellness industry wants you to believe about healing is bullshit.

  • Diet culture has permeated every aspect of the alternative medicine space and until you begin to truly see it for what it is you will continue to be “sold” by the next and latest gimmick that promises you true happiness.

  • The ability for us to be in our joy reflects directly on our ability to be in our body, connect with our senses, and forget the rest.

Staying in a state of remembrance of all of these things is a muscle that needs to be worked much like going to the gym.

Are you...

  • Overwhelmed by conflicting information and trends in wellness and spirituality.

  • Frustrated by the pressure to adhere to certain practices or beliefs that don't resonate.

  • Confused about how to integrate spiritual practices into their daily lives.

  • Skeptical of the commercialization and profit-driven motives within the wellness industry.

  • Isolated in their journey, lacking a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

  • Disillusioned by the prevalence of misinformation and conspiracy theories in the spiritual realm.

  • Struggling to find authentic, trustworthy sources of guidance and wisdom.

  • Feeling disconnected from their intuition and inner guidance amidst the noise of external influences.

  • Anxious about whether they're "doing it right" or measuring up to unrealistic standards.

  • Seeking deeper meaning and purpose but unsure where to start or how to progress.

Enter: The Rebel Soul Membership

Your hub for all things holistic healing and conscious living;

with a no BS approach to make this work truly doable

(and dare I say, delightful?).

Image by Becca Tapert

What is it?

The Rebel Soul Membership (RSM) is a virtual community and safe space where we will gather to grow, feel, nourish, learn and unlearn; TOGETHER.

We offer a sanctuary from the chaos of the wellness and spirituality world—a place where you can find clarity, support, and authentic connection

Inside the Rebel Soul Membership  you'll find:

  • Clarity Amidst Confusion: Our community provides clear, evidence-based guidance and practices, cutting through the noise to offer you genuine solutions that resonate with your unique journey.

  • Freedom from Pressure: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. We empower you to explore and embrace what truly aligns with your values and desires, free from judgment or expectation.

  • Integration and Application: We offer practical tools and strategies to help you seamlessly integrate spiritual practices into your daily life, making spirituality accessible and relevant.

  • Community Connection: Join a supportive community of women who understand and uplift you on your journey. Share insights, challenges, and victories in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Discernment and Wisdom: Gain access to vetted experts and resources, ensuring you receive accurate information and guidance from trusted sources.

  • Reconnection with Intuition: Through our practices and teachings, rediscover the power of your intuition and inner wisdom, learning to trust yourself more deeply than ever before.

  • Release from Comparison and Anxiety: Let go of the need for perfection and comparison. In our community, you're celebrated for your unique path and progress, no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Meaningful Exploration: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, supported by a community that honors your quest for purpose and fulfillment.

Rebel Soul Health



Rebel Soul Membership_edited.png

Themes we are covering in 2024...

Healthy Boundaries


Plant Medicine Teachings


Feminine Archetypes

Integrative Breath Flow


Decolonization Work


The Mother Wound

The Sister Wound

Peaceful Parenting

And so much more!

What you get each month:

Rebel Soul Membership
  • A video workshop by Meg, focused around the monthly theme.

  • A PDF workbook with prompts, recipes and/or exercises to dive deeper into the class content.

  • Monthly Guided Breathwork/Meditation Journey

  • Private Online Community

  • Meditation Audio Library


A video workshop by Meg, focused around the monthly theme.

All access to Meg’s Signature 3 Month Breathe Alchemy Circle*

(a $1111 value!)

Take this 12 week breathwork program now or later, from the comfort of your own home.

*previously recorded

Breathe Alchemy

A video workshop by Meg, focused around the monthly theme.

retreats in Costa rica


Guest Workshops 

and Office Hours LIVE with Meg

Join Meg and her special guests inside the community to go deeper with the monthly themes and ask questions!


Inside The Rebel Soul Membership, we require a 3 or 12 month commitment.

This is the only way you will see yourself through resistance and find change!


Healing. Growth. Joy. 

You can try us out for 3 months, go all in with a full annual plan where you pay in full, or a monthly plan where you pay in 12 parts.

Enroll in The Rebel Soul Membership today and get INSTANT access to all workshop recordings from past months, as well as Meg's "Sister Wound Healing" Workshop, "Vegan Food Fun" audio library, and more! 

"Meg has gracefully held space for me for 3 months, allowing me to be open and honest with my ideas, dreams and fears. She listens and then drops in little gems of guidance and knowledge that allows you to realize your own potential. I walk away from my time with Meg, knowing I have a toolbox full of ways to continue to move forward with fulfilling my dream. I am truly grateful for our time together." 
- Donna, Los Angeles

Rebel Soul Health



Enroll in The Rebel Soul Membership today enjoy founding member pricing! 

The Rebel Soul Membership includes:

  • A video workshop by Meg, focused around the monthly theme (Value $500)

  • A PDF workbook with prompts, recipes and/or exercises to dive deeper into the class content (Value $50)

  • Monthly Guided Breathwork/Meditation Journey (Value $100)

  • Meditation Audio Library (Value $30)

  • Guest Speakers and Office Hours (Value $1000+)

PLUS: Access to Breathe Alchemy 3 Month Program (Value $1111)

Join Meg for a life-altering breathwork program designed to empower and uplift you. Our program comprises three distinct phases, each consisting of four unique sessions, carefully crafted to guide you towards personal growth and inner transformation.

Phase 1: Healing and Heart Opening

Discover the power of healing and heart expansion as we delve into deep emotional work and self-compassion.

Phase 2: Building Strong Foundations

Explore the themes of safety, trust, and connecting with your inner core, setting the stage for personal growth.

Phase 3: Empowerment and Visioning

Reignite your inner fire, tap into your personal power, and start envisioning a future that aligns with your deepest desires.

Visit our terms and conditions here.

Annual Pay in Full


Most Popular

Monthly Payments


3 Month Commitment


Choose Membersip

UPGRADE your plan!

Have you wanted to work one on one with Meg?

Do you KNOW that this community is what you need but you also know you need accountability and personal support?

Choose the VIP payment plan and get one (1) private 1:1 session with Meg per month to use however you wish! Enhance your container experience with personal touch from Meg with guided Breathwork, Reiki, Coaching, UNDieting and more!

VIP Monthly Membership


Free Breathwork Challenge
  • When are the live calls?
    Our first live workshop will be on Wednesday December 6th at 11amEt. Fro each month following, workshops will take place on the FIRST Wednesday of the month at 11amET and live Breathwork meditation calls will happen]every THIRD Wednesday at11amET.
  • Are the calls recorded?
    Yes! And you will have access to all the replays for the entirety of your subscription (3 or 12 months).
  • How will I find out about special guests and "office hours" with Meg? I don't see them scheduled anywhere?
    The times and dates for these special calls will be announced as they come up (usually once every 2 months) inside the Facebook group and via email.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Inside The Rebel Soul Membership, we require a 12 month minimum commitment (or 3 month commitment if you purchase the 3 month option) We have an annual plan, where you pay in full, or a monthly plan, where you pay in 12 parts.
  • How do I log into the membership?
    You will go to and login in the navigation bar at the top right!
  • Is the membership available on mobile?
    You can login over desktop computer, mobile, and soon we will be incorporating an APP into the mix!
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