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Sexual Abuse Survivor.

Bulimia & Bankruptcy Recovered.

Modern Medicine Mama.

I am a Self Worth Mentor Wealth Activator

Who I Serve

This is WHO YOU ARE.  Yes, YOU!

You are a soulful seeker who knows there is more to life than the story you've been told.

You are creative, ambitious and know you have a powerful visionary deep inside.

You are a magnificent, high-functioning, ‘get sh*t done’ kind of human. 

You love to laugh out loud, be silly, and PLAY.

You have smarts, savvy, skills, and style.

You know you have something uniquely YOU to share with the world. You know you are a divine feminine creature with the ability to create all that you desire in your life. 


And yet, even as you tick things off on your "life plan" (the one you made up years ago, the one that aligned with your family, societal, or conditioned beliefs way back when), one or two key pieces feel just out of your reach.


Maybe it's finally finding freedom from old patterns you have around food, your body, and the self worth you still attach to your size. 

Maybe it’s getting crystal clear on your soul-fueled higher calling so that you can FINALLY ditch the "good on paper" relationship, job, and habitual habits that once served you (but you know no longer do).  

Maybe it’s finally having the guidance, support, and community you’ve been craving so you can quit having to ‘do it all’ by yourself, and instead build your confidence, brand, and even bank account by having figured out exactly who you are and how YOU want to serve in the world. 


Whatever it is, despite your commitment to personal growth, exploration of all things spirituality and self-help, and even after years of searching, learning, and taking small steps forward, now you are feeling stuck.

That’s where I come in.

Water Drops


Meg is an open book,  passionate plant-pusher, and soul-fueled freedom lifestyle fanatic. She loves nice things, enjoys sparkle, tattoos and heaps of color, and some might say her fashion sense a tad eclectic. She is a self-professed abundance addict and health coach, specializing in self discovery and integrative nutrition.

She is a certified yoga guide, and a cheerleader for powerhouse plant medicines Ayahuasca, Kambo, and Iboga, all of which she came to during the later part of her healing journey. Meg is a Breakthrough Breathwork facilitator, Dance of Liberation Leader, inspirational speaker, retired TV director, author, and eating disorder awareness advocate, with a personal mission to make the world a sweeter place, filled with love.

At hOMe in Costa Rica, Meg is busy expanding her family and coaching practice while creating healing food and recipes that support plant medicine as well as overall health for the people and our planet.

Meg is an intuitive eater with a passion for plants, a certified professional plant-based and living foods chef, raw food culinary teacher, and all around foodie. Meg has studied personally with raw food detox expert Natalia Rose at the Natalia Rose Institute in New York City as well as at Matthew Kenney's M.A.K.E. Culinary Academy in Santa Monica California. She is also currently working to become a Certified Mental Health & Emotional Eating Specialist with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and is an Integrative Health and Soul Fueled Alignment Coach. 

After overcoming a series of life altering events in 2010 and 2011, that included personal bankruptcy, a failed engagement, hospitalization as a result of her bulimia, and the loss of her father, Meg chose to take the leap and leave her decade long career as television director to pursue her passions: raw food & yoga, and that brings her to where she is now.  The perfect present.

"Molestation, bulimia, alcoholism,  bankruptcy, aliens, ayahuasca,
& polyamory"
- all themes of my
upcoming memoir.