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I'm Meg Pearson

Women's Wellness, fertility, & pregnancy coach, podcaster, speaker, holistic chef & later in life mama, working to empower spiritual women into and through their feminine rites of passage with grace and ease.

Guiding women in a compassionate, connected, and conscious way, because for many years, in many ways, I was not. 

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I didn't think I wanted children. Partly because they told me I couldn't.


Certified Fertility Coach

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Childbirth Educator

Certified Yoga Teacher

Certified Plant-based Chef

Spiritual Coach

Plant Medicine Doula

Trained Birth Doula


Is This YOU?

Are you a young woman on a new path to spiritual awakening?

Are you seeking a mentor with years of life experience and relatable story?

Are you trying to get pregnant right now? 

Did you come to motherhood later in life?

Are you currently going through a difficult pregnancy journey? 

Are you struggling to recover from miscarriage?

Do you believe there is more to conceiving than just timing,

supplements, hormones and protocols?


Whether you are seeking a new conscious way of BEing, 

curating a new path in life,

or seeking to conceive a child;

The worry, stress, anxiety, and grief that surround healing from trauma,

releasing old ways of doing things,

pregnancy, loss, and new motherhood

isn't something you should go through alone.


Meet Meg

An open book, holistic chef, and soul-fueled student of life, Meg also loves nice things, enjoys sparkle, tattoos and heaps of color, and some might say her fashion sense a tad eclectic. After overcoming a series of life altering events in 2010 and 2011, that included personal bankruptcy, a failed engagement, hospitalization as a result of her bulimia, and the loss of her father, Meg chose to take the leap and retire from her decade long career as a super successful television director to pursue the life of her dreams in Costa Rica and all over the world!


About Meg

Meg is a mama on a mission.  After many health complications due to addiction & an eating disorder Meg was told she would never have kids. At 38 she naturally fell pregnant and the transition from maiden to mother was wrought with love, grief, excitement, & healing. Now pregnant with her second child at age 41, Meg is armed with countless tools & insight about fertility and pregnancy loss, and is a spiritual fertility coach, trained doula, and child birth educator.

She is a cheerleader for powerhouse plant medicines Ayahuasca and Iboga, a certified yoga guide, a Breakthrough Breathwork facilitator, Dance of Liberation Leader, inspirational speaker, retired TV director, author, and eating disorder awareness advocate, with a personal mission to make the world a sweeter place, filled with love.

Meg is an intuitive eater with a passion for plants, a certified professional plant-based and living foods chef, raw food culinary teacher, and all around foodie. Meg has studied personally with raw food detox expert Natalia Rose at the Natalia Rose Institute in New York City as well as at Matthew Kenney's M.A.K.E. Culinary Academy in Santa Monica California. She is also currently working to become a Certified Mental Health & Emotional Eating Specialist with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and is an Integrative Health Coach. 


At hOMe in Costa Rica, Meg is currently busy expanding her family and growing both her coaching practice and audience for her show, The Fertile at 40 Podcast!


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