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"Unrestricted" Rebel Soul

Medicine Retreat

with Meg Pearson


November 2 - November 9th, 2024 | Roca Mistica Resort,

Guanacaste Costa Rica

Welcome, Rebel Soul Sis!

Join a circle of wild and wise women on a weeklong journey to explore the facets of unrestricted embodied living. Rooted in an anti-diet, size-inclusive framework, this retreat is full on a celebration of your existence – the hurts, the joys, and the magnificence of your body and soul.

Coming home to our heart (and body) is the way towards accessing deep trust, peace, and pleasure in our lives. 


Embodiment is the path.

Our culture isn't built to support your well-being. It encourages disembodiment, disempowerment, and mistrust of your sacred body vessel. This retreat invites you to stop seeking outside of yourself and turn your gaze within, realizing that you are whole, filled with wisdom, creativity, and power.

Costa Rica retreat

The "Unrestricted" Retreat

This Immersion Is For You If:

  • You are ready to reclaim your body, your power, your sovereignty

  • You are curious to meet your wild woman within

  • You are a mama looking to fill her own cup (after years of pouring over for family)

  • You are new to the world of personal development and want personalized guidance

  • You desire (greater) connection to confidence, sensuality, and joy

  • You are ready to drop into a sisterhood of like-minded seekers and connect in a way that matters!

  • You feel alone or isolated in your struggle with food, body, or embodiment

  • You are confused by all the healing modalities available and want to experience some first-hand 

  • You feel stuck in habitual, unsatisfying daily habits and patterns

  • You want to explore intuitive eating skills

  • You want to transform body rejection and criticism to body respect

  • You seek authentic nourishing self-care

  • You crave a break from the relentless pace and responsibility of your daily life

The UNRestricted Retreat is ideal for you if are tired of relying on external validation and are sick of the relentless inner dialogue about your body and food.

The "Unrestricted" Retreat

How Will This Retreat Impact Your Life?

  • Feeling more presence and a greater sense of calm

  • Increased ability to regulate emotions

  • A genuine sense of freedom to be who you ARE

  • Tapping into your innate trust and knowing

  • Feelings of worth that are unconditional

  • Natural alignment with your weight and food intake

  • Healing old pains and overcoming dislike of the body

  • Increased self-compassion and self-acceptance

Plant integration coach

Our Practices to Awaken Unrestricted Embodied Pesence

Any experience can be a tool to awaken to an embodied presence – in addition to the practices outlined below we will draw on many aspects of our weekend together to explore embodiment – from observing and delighting in nature, to sensing the connection with each other.



We will use both conscious connected breathing  as well as Integrative Breathflow® for whole-body healing and connection to our wild, wise and free selves!  Active breathwork meditations, shamanic dreamtime journeys, and workshop experiences will offer a full rooting into the body and profound connection to the intuitive self. 



We will connect to ourselves on a deeper level while gaining insight into how we act, think and feel using dance, movement, visualization, sensory awareness, and progressive muscle relaxation.



We'll dive into themes like attuned eating, satisfaction, desire, and cravings. Together, we'll create a space for reflection on your eating experiences – solo and as part of our crew. Expect to uncover insights about what's not working for you at home and why. Take those ideas and experiences back with you, igniting a revolution in your intuitive eating journey! 



Our Unrestricted moving meditation will use breathing and gentle flow to wake up the body and connect to  its subtle cues. Our practice builds on the following foundations:

  • safety, trust and surrender in order to receive healing

  • balance and connection to present moment awareness

  • Opening to truth, the Universe and each other.

Rebel Soul Medicine Retreat

Your Guide, Meg

Meg Pearson is a Women's Wellness, Spirituality & Integration Coach with over 10+ years of experience in the holistic wellness & coaching space, from working with 1:1 clients, to speaking at large events, on live television and life changing retreats and seminars. 


With many certifications, training, and more importantly LIFE experience under her belt, Meg helps her clients feel heard, come to know their own potential, and implement and see through intentional actions and lifestyle changes necessary to see real change and growth take place. 


With a flash of divine insight and inspiration, Meg has carefully curated and planned this retreat experience to be one of transformation, alignment with heart, and knows the women that will be called to this are part of the sisterhood that will be created here. 


With each and every detail, down to finding the most perfect venue, Meg has a deep knowing that this is one of those experiences orchestrated by Spirit. 


This will be a very small & intimate group and so spaces are extremely limited - if you have been looking for something and feel the call, then maybe this experience is made for YOU.


Becky, New York

Meg changed my life by showing me how to harness my past struggles and turn them into hard-won wisdom & self-love. She is a testament to how transformation is available to all of us (as are success & fulfillment) -- no matter what we've been through. As Meg says, "my struggle is my strategy." This shift in perception has forever changed me. Because I now know my past is part of my path. And that my path is always bringing me toward growth & expansion. Thank you, Meg!


Amanda, New York

My experience working one on one with Meg has been an absolute gift from the universe. Meg is patient, kind, has amazing energy, and makes you feel safe to explore yourself and your healing…. I  cannot stress enough how safe I  always felt, diving in to the healing work with Meg. Meg held space for me, and I  even shared things that hurt to share and even think about/some things that were deeply embarrassing for me that I  had never said before out loud, and felt absolutely zero ounce of judgement. Meg had such a natural ease in knowing just the right questions to ask to help me go inward while also leaving space for my own thoughts and ideas to come through. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose, absolutely no doubt about that! 

testimonial Meg Pearson Coaching.jpg

Kristen, San Franscisco

Not so long ago, I found myself in a space wherein I desperately needed to be held, heard, and healed. Enter Meg Pearson. 

I felt, through Meg's presence, SAFE. I learned, through working with Meg, that this feeling--of being okay--was always available to me without the props I had once thought necessary. In fact, I learned that cultivating a sense of safety for myself is a far more reliable haven than seeking it from external sources.


I felt the privilege and the gift of being entirely myself with Meg. She reminded me that the pain I had suffered, the same pain that reunited us, was also a gift--a gift that brought me to a deeper level of insight about myself. 


It's time to FREE yourself.

Register Today for this Transformative Retreat by Securing Your Spot.


Spaces are VERY Limited & Will Fill Up Quickly!

Early Bird Prices until August 15th!


Reserve Your Space with $500USD Deposit. 



*Deposit included in total investment & non-refundable

Not only will this experience allow you to drop-in and connect with your deeper knowing, but it will also give you tools to take home so you can continue to live in alignment & connection with your highest self.

Unrestricted Retreat

What's Included:

  • Opening Ceremony and Intention Setting Workshop

  • Morning Yoga & Beach Walks

  • 4 Breathwork Sessions

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony 

  • Healing Sound Journey

  • Soothing Massage

  • Reiki Session with Meg

  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, & 4 dinners curated by Meg and an incredible local culinary team

PLUS: Group Work and LIVE Workshops with Meg

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Unrestricted Retreat

Are you ready to come home to your HEART?



Spots are LIMITED!

Unrestricted Retreat

$842 in FREE gifts!

Book your spot before August 15th, 2024 and also receive a  package that includes (on top of the retreat in Costa Rica):

  • 2 (two) 1:1 virtual coaching calls with me to get you ready and to help you integrate post-retreat (a $560 value)

  • plus 6 months of FREE access to my Rebel Soul Membership post retreat to help you with your integration process! (a $282 value)

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Unrestricted Retreat

November 2-9th, 2024

In beautiful Roca Mistica, a private and sprawling venue with what some call “the best pool in Tamarindo”. 


Just minutes outside of the bustle of Tamarindo, this private property includes:

Brand new renovated modern Cabinas

Pool Bathrooms


Ceremonial Maloka

Tennis Court

Basketball Court

Yoga Platform

Copy of Meg-182.jpg

Your Experience Includes:

  • Ground transportation from Liberia airport to retreat location

  • 6 nights accommodation in a private boutique resort

  • Welcome Gift 

  • Opening Ceremony and Intention Setting Workshop

  • Morning Yoga/ Meditation / Beach Walks

  • 4 Breathwork Sessions

  • Sacred Cacao  Ceremony

  • Healing Sound Journey

  • Interactive Workshops with Meg 

  • Body work (1 massage + 1 Reiki Session included)

  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, & 4 dinners made with wholesome, nourishing ingredients, with menus curated by Meg and an incredible local culinary team

  • Special departure gift


Not included: international airfare, tips and gratuities, and travel insurance.

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Steps to Book:

Steps to Book:


  1. Register: Fill out this form, select your room option (options below) & let us know if you are coming with a friend and splitting a room. 

  2. Deposit: Pay your $500 deposit to reserve your spot.

  3. Final Payment: The remaining balance must be paid by October 15th, 2024.

We want to make this accessible and so if you would like to pay the remaining balance in installments (once deposit is paid) before October 15th, please email us

Pay Deposit NOW:

Accommodation Options:



Early Bird Price: $2,199USD

After August 15th, 2024: $2,499USD

(should you travel with a friend and wish to share a private queen room the investment is $1,699USD early bird or $1,999USD regular each)


Receive $200 off if you pay in full. Contact us for this option!

* only 4 available!


(shared bath*)


Early Bird Price:  $1,899USD

After August 15th, 2024: $2,199USD

Receive $200 off if you pay in full. Contact us for this option!

*You have a private bedroom and shared living space/bathroom where another guest may be sleeping