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80. WTF Does it Mean to "Integrate" & Embody"?

What is breathwork

I miss teaching workshops. I did it for years, in front of thousands of people at Rythmia, and one of my favorite concepts to share is and that truly resonates with me is the art of integration. But what does that truly mean? What does it mean to embody something fully? It's interesting how the mind can often deceive us into believing that merely understanding something logically will lead to transformation. Yet, as many of us (all of us?) have experienced, this isn't usually the case.

We can immerse ourselves in books, podcasts, and a sea of content, only to find ourselves still feeling stuck. In my early years of study, I got fired up at countless workshops, walked fire with Tony Robbins, and did retreat after retreat only to get home and forget. Lose momentum. Say f*ck it.

This stems from a lack of integration; a disconnect between understanding and embodying. And this is where my fascination with breathwork comes to life. Breathwork offers us a path to seamlessly integrate these teachings, making them a visceral part of our being.

You see, we often try to force our logical understanding into our emotional state, and it's no surprise that this approach isn't sustainable. Breathwork becomes our bridge, allowing us to open up to these insights more fluidly. This is a pivotal reason why I'm so passionate about this practice and why I truly believe it can change lives. It's about liberating ourselves from overthinking and diving into the boundless energy within.

When it comes to healing and creating actual lasting change, it takes only about 20% mindset work and and a whopping 80% in energy work.

When we let our minds run amok, we inadvertently limit ourselves because the mind dwells in constraints, while the body is a vessel of limitless potential. There's an intelligence within our bodies that far surpasses what our minds can fathom.

By quieting the mind's chatter and tuning into our bodies, we create space for the wisdom they hold. This shift leads us to live from the heart and intuition rather than the constrictions of the mind. It's a practice, a conscious choice we make daily. When life throws challenges our way – anxiety, stress, or overwhelm – it's about asking ourselves where we're operating from and what we're focusing on.

Anxiety often roots us in fear, dwelling on potential negative outcomes. On the flip side, feeling amazing means living from the heart and embracing the positives. It's an internal shift that ripples through our external reality.

And that shift is grounded in embodiment. This isn't just a theoretical notion; it's about embracing and living these concepts.

It's a transformation from head-centric living to heart-centered existence. There's a profound brilliance in quieting the mind – I've discovered that my body's intelligence far outweighs the limitations of my mind. This shift unlocks the gateway to transformative experiences.

Think about that moment right after a breathwork session – that profound sense of embodiment. Imagine living from that place consistently. It's about taking emotional responsibility, about engaging with our triggers and lessons. Instead of projecting onto others, we embrace accountability and curiosity.

It's easy to outsource our triggers, but doing so robs us of growth. Remember, challenges occur for a reason. By diving into why we're triggered, we uncover lessons and insights that otherwise remain hidden. This mindset shift empowers us to truly own our emotions, cultivating a stronger connection with ourselves.

The true game of life isn't an external chase; it's an internal journey towards happiness. I spent years pursuing freedom externally – money, travel, entrepreneurship – until I realized that real freedom is within. It's about freeing our energy, our emotions, and our essence.

And this brings us back to embodiment – the bridge between conceptual understanding and lived experience. It's about nurturing personal accountability and emotional resonance. By dissolving stories and embracing our energy, we find fulfillment in the present moment.

So, let's embrace this mantra: "I come alive when I'm in my body." Feel that truth deep within you. Your energy is boundless; don't shackle it with limiting narratives. It's about aligning with the universe, recognizing that you're an integral part of a grand tapestry.

Remember, you're never alone. You're part of something far greater. It's time to connect with your soul, to feel that vibrant aliveness coursing through you. This is your journey, your path to integration, to becoming truly alive.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a qualified professional before implementing any breathwork or nervous system regulation techniques. Breathe responsibly and rock on!

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