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Natural Health = Control?

Natural Health Vs The Medical System

At the time this blog is published, we are seven months since our family returned to Canada from Costa Rica where I lived for 10 years, and we still don't have a family doctor here. Little did I know about the healthcare landscape in Ontario and the daunting task it would be to find a family physician for myself and my family. There's a glimmer of hope however, as we've heard about a clinic in London, Ontario, set to welcome six new doctors in February. Fingers crossed, we're hoping to become patients so please send good vibes our way! Now for story time: Initially, I was convinced that we could navigate our family's health through alternative means, relying on naturopathic doctors for our children. Over time, this led me to contemplate the broader wellness culture and why many of us turn to "natural remedies" and alternative protocols in the first place. When I look back to my early twenties when I was working to figure out some hormone stuff, I recall feeling overlooked by traditional medicine, and this prompted me to explore naturopathic and homeopathic avenues. I know for many, just like me, in the face of chronic health concerns that elude mainstream medical understanding, the desire to try anything and everything is a natural response. Ironically, I have discovered that many who choose alternative paths often don't share these same ongoing or mysterious health struggles, leading me to deduce that this choice may stem from a yearning for control in an unpredictable world. I draw parallels to my own journey with my eating disorder. I had bulimia for 20 years and I'd say that during the last 10 years of grappling with this illness, the struggle was not about food or my body; it was a quest to feel control in an uncontrollable world. The allure of natural health often involves dietary changes, lifestyle shifts, and unregulated supplements, all easily accessible to those with means. This makes taking charge of our health seem easy, and can provide a sense of control, especially when mainstream medical systems may seem to ignore us. Now I am not saying natural medicine is bad, useless, or not something I still explore for myself and my fam-jam. BUT I think the reason it has had the heyday it has this past decade (wellness is a 5.6 trillion dollar industry after all), is not for what it has been proven to heal, but what it allows us to FEEL. Control. And isn't that the true illusion?


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