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Transform Your Relationship with Your Body and Food Forever

Ready to break free from the limitations of body image issues and food struggles?


Join our 12-week "Breathwork for Body Image and Food Freedom" program led by a rebellious, witty, and down-to-earth women's coach with a unique blend of expertise in breathwork, food relationships, and spiritual growth.



Healthy Diet
  • Visioning a life free from body image limitations

  • Unpacking the influence of diet culture and embracing intuitive eating

  • Building self-compassion and unwavering self-confidence

dancing in purple pants
  • Cultivating a powerful mind-body connection through breathwork
  • Healing and loving your body through movement and self-expression

  • Exploring the transformative power of embodiment

  • Nourishing your body with mindful eating and self-care

  • Building a positive, harmonious relationship with food and nutrition

Is this you?

"I've spent years fixating on my body image and struggling with food. It's become a constant source of stress and insecurity in my life, and I'm ready to break free from this cycle and discover true happiness."

"I often find myself torn between my demanding professional life and my desire for inner peace and self-acceptance. I know there's more to life than obsessing over diets and body image, but I need guidance on how to make that transformation."

"The constant pressure to meet societal standards has left me feeling disconnected from my own body and its needs. I want to learn how to trust myself, embrace intuitive eating, and finally nourish both my body and soul with love and acceptance."

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Sister, let's BREATHE!

You're not alone in this journey to rediscover your true self and the meaning of life while still enjoying

the material world.

Our program empowers you to embrace a life of body acceptance, reject the diet culture, practice intuitive eating, and build unwavering self-trust.


Plus, we'll guide you through weekly breathwork meditations and transformative workshops. Get ready to experience a profound shift in your relationship with your body and food, all while being part of a supportive and bad-ass community!

"Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride." - Anthony Bourdain

  • You are new to the world of personal development and crave personalized guidance.

  • You have dabbled in Breathwork and want to make it a more integral part of your wellness routine.

  • You are curious about Breathwork and eager to experience its profound effects.

  • As a mama, you long to fill your own cup after years of pouring over for your family.

  • You feel a sense of isolation, but deep down, you know there are other women out there just like you—yearning for MORE out of life.

  • Your soul recognizes that you have something meaningful to offer the world, and you are ready to hear the messages of your heart on how to be of service.

  • You are eager to immerse yourself in a sisterhood of kindred spirits, forging connections that truly matter.

This Breathwork Immersion Is For You If:


January - March Study

The new year program comprises three distinct phases, each consisting of four unique sessions, carefully crafted to guide you towards inner transformation:


Phase 1: 

Vision for a Liberated Life0

  • Setting Intentions and Program Overview

  • Exploring the Impact of Body Image

  • Understanding and Challenging Diet Culture

  • Cultivating Intuitive Eating

  • Building Self-Compassion and Confidence


Phase 2:

Embracing, Trusting, and Loving Your Body

  • Mind-Body Connection and Breath Awareness

  • Healing Through Breath and Body Work

  • Embodiment and Self-Expression

  • Love Your Body Unconditionally 


Phase 3:

Nourishing Your Body and Mind

  • Mindful Eating and Nutrition

  • Self-Care and Stress Reduction

  • Building a Positive Relationship with Food

  • Culmination and Integration

Rebel Soul Breath:

Food & Body Freedom

This program includes:

  • 4 breathe sessions a month

  • Group text community (via SLACK)

  • 3 deep dive wellness workshops

  • PLUS, an ever-growing library of recorded audio breathwork and meditations

Because of the huge response to this program we offer TWO time slots for the live breathwork sessions! To register please select the day/time that works best for you overall; AND if you have last minute scheduling conflicts during the program you can always hop onto the other call time that week!)

January to March Schedule*: 

  • Breathing Circles (choose one):

    • Wednesdays at 8pmET

      • January 10th - March 27th)​

    • Thursdays at 10amET

      • (January 11th - March 28th)

  • Workshops will be held one Sunday a month at 11amET​​ (Jan. 14th, Feb. 18th, Mar. 24th)

*classes will be recorded should you not be able to attend live.

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Meet Meg!

Meg knows what it's like to have a tulmutuous relationship with food. From her teens, Meg battled the paralyzing pain of both bulimia and body dysmorphia that only worsened as life got "realer" as she moved into adulthood. It wasn't until many health scares, massive life change, and her eventual pregnancy with her daughter Cobie in 2018 that she was finally fully able to kick her disordered eating curbside. 


For over a decade Meg has worked in the eating disorder recovery space both as a volunteer and in her coaching practice. Meg is a certified Integrative Health Coach, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, Spiritual Coach, Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist Coach and is currently studying as a Non-Diet Approach Coach where body neutrality and intuitive eating play pivotal roles.

Meg has been featured across Canada on live TV, in various print and e-magazines and is still the head of culinary at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. 

breathwork for body love
Healing Female Friendships

Money Back


Join the circle and if after 3 weeks you are not satisfied with the depth and level of connection you feel, receive your money back, no questions asked. 

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Let's move through this next 3 months the most GROUNDED, nourished, and connected way possible! 


Register Today for this Transformative Breathe Immersion by Securing Your Spot.

Spaces are VERY Limited & Will Fill Up Quickly!


Save $300 if you register before December 10th!


Payment Plan available for $429/month!

- Jan,
Breathe Alchemy,
Spring 2023

Meg is such an amazing soul and teacher, and to be able to benefit from her beautiful spirit and guidance on a weekly basis sounded perfect. Meg is a powerful, compassionate, and skilled  guide. Every week is a new opportunity to release and unlearn all that no longer serves me on my journey. And it has been absolutely transformational. And the monthly workshops are packed with amazingness. Not to mention the connections being made with others in the community. If you are being called to join the circle, say yes!! 

- Hillary, 
Breathe Alchemy
Summer, 2023

I have to say Meg, I have been on this path for 15 years. I have a consistent morning routine of practicing gratitude, journaling, meditating and communicating with my angels, guides, etc. All with the desire to have more inner peace, a stronger connection to source and also work towards higher consciousness. I am BLOWN AWAY with the progress I have made in only FOUR WEEKS of your Breath Alchemy Circle. The connections have felt almost instantaneous during our breathwork sessions. I am so grateful to have listened to my intuition and signed up for your 12 week course.

Geneva, Tamarindo

Meg's Breathwork sessions are absolutely fantastic.  She created a safe and nurturing place for all of us to let go and feel comfortable leaning into the experience.  


Her voice was soothing during the meditation and the music she chose was absolutely perfect.  I'm not sure what happens to the mind/body/soul during breathwork, but it is absolutely powerful and mysterious.  It's as close as I get to feeling god.  Thank you Meg for holding space for us and I look forward to experiencing this again with you.”

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