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Breathe Alchemy Circle

You CAN be the medicine you have been seeking!

Get ready to unleash the transformative power within you and join
the Breathe Alchemy Circle—a sacred community of like-minded women embarking on a journey of self-discovery and connection. 

Is this you?

"I want to be in a healthy environment, surrounded by positive people who also want to grow, be playful, and continue to evolve."

"I go three steps forward and five steps back; I want to do more for myself so I can be better and sustain a long-term healthy journey for me."

"I really just want to get to know myself and discover my soul and its purpose."

Sister, let's BREATHE!

Harnessing the incredible power of our breath, the technology of intention, and simplified tools for transformation, we will unlock our infinite potential as a collective.

In today's world of isolation, social media, and technology, true community has become a rarity. But within the Breathe Alchemy Circle, we are reclaiming the sacred bond of sisterhood. This circle was birthed from the depths of my soul, not only as a tool for your transformation, but also as a personal journey of growth for myself.

Witnessing women rise together is nothing short of majestic. It's time to step into our greatness. Let's breathe ourselves into our infinite potential. It's time to own our gifts. 

“Sisterhood is our capacity to greatly honor another. To hold and be held. To mother and be mothered.”

  • You are new to the world of personal development and crave personalized guidance.

  • You have dabbled in Breathwork and want to make it a more integral part of your wellness routine.

  • You are curious about Breathwork and eager to experience its profound effects.

  • As a mama, you long to fill your own cup after years of pouring over for your family.

  • You feel a sense of isolation, but deep down, you know there are other women out there just like you—yearning for MORE out of life.

  • Your soul recognizes that you have something meaningful to offer the world, and you are ready to hear the messages of your heart on how to be of service.

  • You are eager to immerse yourself in a sisterhood of kindred spirits, forging connections that truly matter.

This Breathwork Immersion Is For You If:

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Breathe Alchemy Circle


This program includes:

  • 4 breathe sessions a month

  • Group text community (via SLACK)

  • 3 deep dive wellness workshops

(classes will be recorded for those that can't be on live)


Because of the huge response to this program we will now be offering TWO time slots for the breathe sessions! To register please select the day/time that works best for you overall; AND if you have last minute scheduling conflicts during the program you can always hop onto the other call time that week!)


  • Breathing Circles (choose one):

    • Wednesdays at 8pmET

      • June 21 through Sept 6th)​

    • Thursdays at 10amET

      • (June 22nd through Sept 7th)

  • Workshops will be held one Sunday a month at 11amEST​​ (June 25th, July 16th, August 20th)

*classes will be recorded should you not be able to attend live.

Let's move through this next 3 months the most GROUNDED, nourished, and connected way possible! 


Register Today for this Transformative Breathe Immersion by Securing Your Spot.


Spaces are VERY Limited & Will Fill Up Quickly!

Investment: $950CAN for the 3 month container


EARLY BIRD PRICE: Save $150 off if you register before May 10th, 2023

(use coupon code: EARLYBIRD to get the discount)

*All sales are final and non-refundable

Cindy, Tamarindo

"Meg’s energy is pure and genuine and it was natural for me to relax in her presence. She explained the breathwork techniques well and generously held us in our individual experiences. For me it was an unmatched welcome release that I am still processing."

Shaina, Tamarindo

"It was magical.


I've done breathwork a handful of times before and this was my favorite experience with it so far.

The way Meg explained, guided us through, and the music she chose was so ideal for me. Super grateful for this experience."

Whitney, Tamarindo

"Megs breathwork session was amazing! She welcomed each person into the space and really helped us settle in. Her vibe is so down to earth and grounded that you instantly feel a sense of ease. Meg created a comfortable and safe space to breath and journey together. She explained each step and was available for support throughout the workshop. I left feeling so much lighter and in sync with myself. I would highly recommend Meg if you’re looking to explore breathwork!"

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