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81. WTF is "Resistance" in Healing Work?

What is breathwork

Ever felt like something's holding you back from reaching your goals? That's resistance—your inner roadblock to getting what you want. Picture this: you have a goal in mind, let's say a healthy and happy relationship. But every time you get close to it, things go haywire, or you end up self-sabotaging. That's when resistance raises its pesky head. And damn, do I know this first hand!

So, what's the connection between resistance and Shadow Work (see Rebel Soul Health Radio Episode 79)? Well, Shadow Work is all about delving into the unconscious, the hidden parts of ourselves. And how do we spot those hidden aspects? You guessed it, through resistance. It's like a signal from our unconscious, telling us there's something we need to explore and work on.

When we feel resistance, it's as if we're rowing a boat against the current. Our conscious self sets a course for a desired outcome, but there are other parts of us—those hidden fragments—that push us in the opposite direction. It's like a crew pulling in different directions, causing friction and making progress difficult.

But here's the crucial thing to understand: resistance is always valid. It's not self-sabotage, as some might believe. Instead, it's the protective mechanism of various parts within us. These parts might have experienced hurt or harm in the past and are trying to shield us from potential pain.

So, how do we deal with resistance? The key is not to fight against it but to acknowledge and accept it as a valid message from within. Resistance is like a cry for attention, understanding, or healing from a part of ourselves.

Imagine trying to row that boat without shushing or disciplining the parts in opposition. We need to have a compassionate chat with them, addressing their concerns and fears. This way, we can get all the crew members on board, rowing in harmony toward our goals.

Now, let's address the ego. Some see it as a separate entity, but really, it's the sum of all these protective mechanisms we've developed over time. These mechanisms serve to keep us safe and guide our actions based on past experiences.

When traumatic events occur, especially during childhood, they leave imprints on our psyche. Our child's mind might interpret these experiences in ways that aren't entirely accurate. For instance, if mom was mad, we might assume we're bad. These interpretations linger in our unconscious, influencing our reactions and decisions.

So, when we face situations similar to those triggering events, we feel resistance. It's like the ego reminding us not to touch the hot stove because it burned us before.

Now, how do we dig deeper into resistance and uncover its root cause? There are several techniques to explore:

  • Self-inquiry and Journaling: Ask yourself questions about the feeling of resistance and write down your thoughts and emotions.

  • Visualization and Future Self Technique: Imagine having what you desire and notice any negative beliefs or self-talk that arises.

  • Talk It Out: Verbally process your conflicting thoughts with friends or family.

  • Tarot or Oracle Cards: Use cards to gain insight into the resistance and its underlying causes.

  • Dreams: Pay attention to dreams and set intentions before sleep to explore resistance.

  • Search Your Feelings: Close your eyes, look towards your heart, and breathe deeply. Observe where you feel heavy or negative emotions.

  • Somatic exercises like Breathwork!

Remember, the most important thing is to be aware of the feeling sense that comes with resistance. It's the thread leading us into the realm of Shadow Work.

So, the next time you encounter resistance on your journey, don't battle against it. Embrace it, thank it for its message, and approach it with curiosity and compassion.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a qualified professional before implementing any breathwork or nervous system regulation techniques. Breathe responsibly and rock on!

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