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ALIGN with your soul's desire & start truly LIVING!


Hello dear one!

I'm Meg Pearson

Thank you for being here!

As a a modern day hippie, moving through the fast paced corporate world just ten years ago, I never could have imagined the path my life would take.

Looking back, it’s sometimes hard to fathom that I have moved on from a personal bankruptcy and healed from sexual trauma, alcoholism, bulimia, and more thanks to my devotion and trust in Spirit.


Becky, New York

Meg changed my life by showing me how to harness my past struggles and turn them into hard-won wisdom & self-love. She is a testament to how transformation is available to all of us (as are success & fulfillment) -- no matter what we've been through. As Meg says, "my struggle is my strategy." This shift in perception has forever changed me. Because I now know my past is part of my path. And that my path is always bringing me toward growth & expansion. Thank you, Meg!


Amanda, New York

My experience working one on one with Meg has been an absolute gift from the universe. Meg is patient, kind, has amazing energy, and makes you feel safe to explore yourself and your healing…. I  cannot stress enough how safe I  always felt, diving in to the healing work with Meg. Meg held space for me, and I  even shared things that hurt to share and even think about/some things that were deeply embarrassing for me that I  had never said before out loud, and felt absolutely zero ounce of judgement. Meg had such a natural ease in knowing just the right questions to ask to help me go inward while also leaving space for my own thoughts and ideas to come through. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose, absolutely no doubt about that! 

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Kristen, San Franscisco

Not so long ago, I found myself in a space wherein I desperately needed to be held, heard, and healed. Enter Meg Pearson. 

I felt, through Meg's presence, SAFE. I learned, through working with Meg, that this feeling--of being okay--was always available to me without the props I had once thought necessary. In fact, I learned that cultivating a sense of safety for myself is a far more reliable haven than seeking it from external sources.


I felt the privilege and the gift of being entirely myself with Meg. She reminded me that the pain I had suffered, the same pain that reunited us, was also a gift--a gift that brought me to a deeper level of insight about myself. 

Why Can I Help?

From leaving my “cush job” as a television producer, family and friends around me told me I was ‘crazy’ to leave behind the security and path I had laid out. But I knew, deep in my soul that there was something different out there for me.


I embarked on a journey, leaving behind what I knew and following my intuition all while struggling with full blown bulimia, years of alcohol addiction, infertility issues and many conditions stemming from a disconnection to my intuition and Spirit. 


I was living far from ALIGNED and I knew it had to change.


Fast forward to now, and I am a Modern plant medicine woman, fertility, & women's coach, Breathwork guide, podcaster, speaker, holistic chef & later in life mama, working to empower spiritual women and help them connect to their truth, power, and all-knowing wellness from within.


Now I use my years of study with breath work and plant medicine to guide myself as a Mother and help other women embody their highest version of Self.

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Using my ALIGN Method, 


  • Awaken

  • Learn

  • Investigate

  • Gather tools 

  • Navigate a new way of living 

I help women to INTEGRATE what they learn through breathwork, plant medicine, spirituality teachings and tools to live a life that is truly aligned with YOUR spirit.

“Sometimes all we need is our voice to be heard.

And when we're ready;

honest, caring, unbiased support.”

Testimonial Meg Pearson .png

- Mel Price, ON Canada

What an unbelievable experience I had, during my distance Reiki session with you. I let go of many stagnant emotions and energies during this session with the help of the universe and yourself. Words cannot begin to describe how light I feel and rebalanced.

I have done sessions like this in the past, but working with you was so much more powerful. Thank you so much for providing such a safe space to allow myself to be so open.


This is why I have created my coaching programs and courses to help support you; in the ways YOU need it most.


I use a range of methods in my sessions, including client-guided coaching, breathwork, human design, Reiki, and other holistic therapies as required. 


My coaching program comes from years of experience in this field, from working with one-on-one clients, to speaking at large events, on live television and life changing retreats and seminars. Not only have I invested thousands in my own education and continuing development, but I’ve really learned to fully INTEGRATE what I’ve learned in living present in the highest version of SELF.


If you have ever felt the excitement of learning a new modality or going on retreat and feeling the newness of that but have struggled with integrating it into your life as you continue to live the day-to-day, then maybe this program is exactly what you have been looking for. 

Whether you are seeking a new conscious way of BEing, 

curating a new path in life,

or seeking to conceive a child;


The worry, stress, anxiety, and grief that surround healing from trauma,

releasing old ways of doing things, pregnancy, loss, and new motherhood

isn't something you should go through alone.

I invite you to fill out the form below and book a quick call with me to see how we can work together to help you feel more aligned and living in spirit on the daily!


Bonnie, Florida

Working with meg has helped me so much work through big emotions. Her gentle and loving coaching helped me process what was going on and she gave me tools that I continue to use.


Her breath-work sessions we did are amazing and me allowed me to go deep in my body and feel. I’m super grateful for our time together and would recommend working with her! 

Mandy, NY

Meg's open heart, vulnerability, vibrance,  & uniqueness TRULY contribute on a profound level, to me accepting myself and loving myself further and further.  I feel so connected to my soul and the truth of the universe, and I get to choose again in those moments to continue on that beautiful beautiful delicious path of coming home. 


I am so grateful that I saw you when I did, and I am so grateful you opened up slots to work with 1 on 1 clients, and I am so grateful you continue to share your journey. 

testimonials Meg Pearson Coaching.jpg


My husband & I made the decision in early 2022 to conceive, and I knew immediately I wanted Meg to provide coaching and support for my conception journey, unsure how long it would take. Meg responded to my request with divine timing - literally the day she got back to me was the same day I found out I was pregnant. So our journey together was throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a lot to work through - from my body changing to the inevitable reality of another human joining me and my husbands quite comfy, quiet, chill life. Meg provided so much support, guidance, and reflection through my emotional and beautiful journey of pregnancy. She held so much space for me to share, process, & release emotions, worries, and excitement I was feeling. I highly recommend coaching with Meg if one is looking for coaching support through whatever journey they are on; she is highly capable and equipped through her training and what I found, her personal lived experience of being a parent and going through the same journey twice. I really felt like she was relatable,

which brought me so much comfort to share. 


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