Hello dear one!

I'm Meg Pearson

Modern plant medicine, fertility, & women's coach, podcaster, speaker, holistic chef & later in life mama, working to empower spiritual women into and through their feminine rites of passage with grace and ease.


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Why Can I Help?

I am a modern day hippie who knows the importance of staying grounding in the every day. I am mother to a toddler and expecting my second child, a baby boy in July 2022! 

From a young age I was told by the medical world that I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally due to health conditions stemming from years of addiction and an eating disorder. After diving deep into my spiritual practice and healing sexual trauma and my heart, I proved that theory wrong!  I have moved on from a personal bankruptcy and healed from sexual trauma, alcoholism, bulimia, and more thanks to my devotion and trust in Spirit.

Now I use my years of study with breath work and plant medicine to guide myself as a Mother and help other women embody their highest version of Self.

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I am so grateful that you are here.

You are meant to thrive. Let me help you!


  • Spiritual Wellness Coaching

  • ​Fertility Coaching 

  • Birth Prep & Education

  • Peaceful Parenting Classes/Courses

  • Matrescence/Postnatal Programs

      & More!

How can I serve?

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Amanda, New York

My experience working one on one with Meg has been an absolute gift from the universe. Meg is patient, kind, has amazing energy, and makes you feel safe to explore yourself and your healing…. I  cannot stress enough how safe I  always felt, diving in to the healing work with Meg. Meg held space for me, and I  even shared things that hurt to share and even think about/some things that were deeply embarrassing for me that I  had never said before out loud, and felt absolutely zero ounce of judgement. Meg had such a natural ease in knowing just the right questions to ask to help me go inward while also leaving space for my own thoughts and ideas to come through. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose,

absolutely no doubt about that! 

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