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Podcast Ep. #1: Bulimia, Bankruptcy, & Bliss (part 1)

Meg Pearson Podcast

In this premiere episode, Meg opens up about her life story; how she was sexually abused, struggled with an eating disorder, and began dependent drinking from an early age. She talks about her life working as a television director and what made her decide to transition into a career in raw food and yoga! She also shares her "rock bottom" moments and what has helped her along the way to healing.

This podcast is about safe vulnerability, having an openness to change, and creating the space required for us all to reconnect to our innate inner wisdom and heal OURSELVES!

CONTENT WARNING: May be triggering from some listeners.

About Meg:

I'm Meg - woman, mother, speaker, author, chef, self care & abundance addict!

I have overcome decades of addiction to alcohol and an eating disorder that ruled my world through holistic practices and embracing the notion of finding wellness without obsession. I went from filing for bankruptcy at age 30 to living a life of liberation and absolute abundance before 40.

I have learned first hand how important the act of intimate self exploration is in any healing journey and learning how to nurture the Self is an individual and magical adventure in personal growth.


In 2013 I flipped life on its head and left my lucrative career in television to pursue my dream of becoming a wellness chef and yoga instructor in Costa Rica. Since then, I have successfully created a life of food and financial freedom while also connecting to my deepest womb wisdom. Now I coach others to do the same!

Need help getting started? You are in the exact perfect place.


I am an Enneagram 3 ('The Achiever")

  • In Human Design I am a "Generator", 5:1 (Heretic: Investigator)

  • I am a scorpio with cancer rising


1 Comment

Unknown member
May 20, 2021

Thank you Meg for sharing more of your story. You are an incredible inspiration.

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