Imagine a world where you don't measure your worth or ability to be happy by a number on a scale.

I used to abuse my body and now I love & USE by body!

For many, many years I suffered in secrecy;  grasping at a fulfilling life in all the wrong ways. I believed that if I weighted a certain amount, had the perfect home, and continued up the corporate ladder in my chosen career as a television director, I might one day find true joy. 
Boy was I wrong. It wasn't until my health (mental and physical) truly began to decline that I knew I had to make changes. Discovering that plant food felt good and eating more vegetables connected me to nature was a great step. Starting a yoga practice and realigning with my body's innate beauty was integral. Realizing that all the trauma I'd been dealt were in fact lessons and part of my "hero's journey" was important in my healing. But affirming my Self WORTH and beginning daily rituals around self love is what really brought me to my BEST self. Today, as I round the last weeks before age 40, I can honestly say I feel better than I have in my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE. I am a new mom with a full time job, a small local business with my partner, and 2 personal ventures I run on the side; and YET I am more free, joyFULL, and inspired than ever. My body is in tune; my energy through the roof, and my days are filled with hope, abundance, and a true sense of vitality.
With my background as a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, chef and coach, I can help YOU transform your life using the same simple
tools I do!
I am no longer a slave to the scale, and never think twice about what to eat. My body trusts me and I trust it, and that relationship is one that I nurture before any other. Because that is the key - self love leans into wellness. And AUTHENTIC self love leaves behind all the obsession.
Good food, good thoughts, and daily movement. It really can be that simple.
If you’ve made it here, you’re most likely ready to end your tumultuous relationship with diet culture for good, and embrace a life where food is your friend and wellness and enjoyment aren't mutually exclusive ideas! 
I will show you how! 
Isn’t it time you hopped off the diet culture hamster wheel for good, and finally took control of your mind, body, and life?
Let's put YOU back in charge of your joy!

Food Love Fit Camp

What is it?
I have an online community of badass women who show up daily for themselves & their health with my help.
I share the ways I have overcome my dysfunctional relationship with food and my body while supporting and encouraging healthy habits like daily exercise and proper nourishment; both from food & self talk.

The Workouts:

With a huge library of programs to choose from, we will find the perfect fitness routine for YOU. With everything from yoga to boxing, weight lifting to HIIT, I got you covered. If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, or are a seasoned gym goer, I have something for you.
It's more affordable than a gym membership, and in the convenience of your own home!


If you know me you know I think diets suck and food rules are BS. With my help, our goal will be to free you from the confines of diet mentality and release your old stories & beliefs around eating!
You will also be supported by 2 nutrition plans that can easily be integrated into daily life! NO diets, NO food group elimination, and NO deprivation!
Option 1 - portion controlled nutrition. Ideal for those that could use some guidance in that department and like structure.
Option 2 -  a more intuitive eating approach that focuses on simple mindset shifts that will help overcome emotional and/or mindless noshing.

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