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and discover what Soul-Fueled living
means to YOU!

If you’ve made it here, you’re most likely ready to end your tumultuous relationship with diet culture for good, and embrace a life where food is your friend and wellness and enjoyment aren't mutually

exclusive ideas! 


Perhaps you are feeling stuck and simply crave more connection in your life. Is there part of you deep down that knows there must be more to life than all this chasing and busyness?

There is!  

I offer 3 and 6 month programs, in which we will work 1-on-1, getting up close and personal. We'll spend time locating where your life contains blocks, setting intentional goals, and creating the perfect path, plan, and practices, for you and your bio-individual Self!

You are the expert on YOU after all.

But perhaps you have forgotten that? 


I will help you reconnect to your truth. It is only when we are living in our full awareness that we can facilitate change after all.

Together we'll excavate your burdens, abolish old beliefs and design your perfect life; and you'll emerge a more balanced,

free-flowing, and joyFULL YOU!



  • Establish your overall goals and what your DREAM life looks and FEELS like

  • Create an actionable plan to achieve those goals with bi-weekly check-ins

  • While we work towards any and all of your goals, you will develop a new and healthy relationship with food

  • Understand what your cravings are telling you about your health and food beliefs -- AND reset your cravings

  • Decide on your non-negotiables when it comes to your physical, mental, and spiritual health

  • Uncover what limiting beliefs, conditioning and stories that might be holding you back from living in your true Human Design.





This is a complimentary session to see if we "fit"!


We'll connect on Zoom and get to know eachother for 15-30 mins. 






In this 3 month long 1-on-1 coaching program , we will meet every other week (2x/month) for a total of 6 sessions. We will define your goals and create a fast-tracked step by step action plan for you to feel results and thrive! 






Awaken your innate ability to heal yourself through Soul-Fueled Nutrition! We will work together for half a year, defining your personal wellness goals and designing the framework for your new heart-centered health adventure. 



Faded Shapes
With my background as a culinary educator, health coach, spiritual teacher, yoga guide, and fitness instructor, I can help YOU transform your life using the same simple
tools I do!
I used to abuse my body and my precious life!​
For many, many years I suffered in secrecy; grasping at a fulfilling life in all the wrong ways. I believed that if I weighted a certain amount, had the perfect home, and continued up the corporate ladder in my chosen career as a television director, I might one day find true joy. 

Boy was I wrong. It wasn't until my health (mental and physical) truly began to decline that I knew I had to make changes. Discovering that plant food felt good and eating more vegetables connected me to nature was a great step. Starting a yoga practice and realigning with my body's innate beauty was integral. Realizing that all the trauma I'd been dealt were in fact lessons and part of my "hero's journey" was important in my healing. But affirming my Self WORTH and beginning daily rituals around self love is what really brought me to my BEST self. Now, in my 40's, I can honestly say I feel better than I have in my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE. I am a new mom with a full time job, a small local business with my partner, and 2 personal ventures I run on the side; and YET I am more free, joyFULL, and inspired than ever. My body is in tune; my energy through the roof, and my days are filled with hope, abundance, and a true sense of vitality.
Faded Shapes

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