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Episode 25. Biz Buzz: Brand Messaging & the Importance of Inner Work with Sara Graham-Baldi

Sara Graham-Baldi is a business development barista, serving up everything you need to create and launch a business online! With a background in party planning, publishing, and fashion, Sarah has worked as a travel blogger, as editor-in-chief at Canada's top teen Magazine, has produced content for fortune 500 companies, and successfully branded countless small businesses.

She has honed her many, many skills to create her company, Fresh Presse where she helps soul centered entrepreneurs execute their vision.

On today's episode we get more than just a single shot of her wisdom! We talk:

  • target market

  • lead magnets

  • email marketing

  • brand cohesion

  • the importance of doing the "inner work" as an entrepreneur

  • and so much more!

Sara has a special offer for The Meg Pearson Podcast listeners! Receive $100 OFF The Espresso Branding Bundle -- all details on that DIY Starter Kit HERE! The exclusive coupon code is MEG100

Check out Sara's FREE tipshit, "18 Tried & Tested Email Subject Lines" HERE.

Other links mentioned in today's show:

Marisa Corcoran - Copywriting inspo

Laura Belgray - More copywriting inspo + A-class branding and website!

Ana Kinkela - The coach Sarah worked with about nervous system expansion.

About Sara:

Sara Graham has worked with a Fortune 500 company, as well as many entrepreneurs and small business owners, to create clear brand messaging that engages real people. She supports her clients with full brand development and website production, as well as creating communications strategies across social media and through email marketing campaigns.

Sara’s experience has taken her across a range of industries and (virtually) around the world. From fashion and magazine editorial, to producing email marketing campaigns for shopping centres, to building brands and websites for many brilliant female-led businesses. Tech, travel, food, wellness… She has worked with passionate entrepreneurs to bring big ideas to life in Canada, China, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and from LA to NYC.


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