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Episode 37. The Big Gender Reveal & My Spirit Baby's Preconception Communication


This week on the podcast I’m sharing with you a bit about our personal journey to conceiving our beautiful Baby 2022!

I’m also going to let you know whether we having a wee baby boy or wee baby girl coming earth side this July.

Now if you consider yourself a spiritual person you’ll probably be able to relate to some of the information that I share in today’s episode. I talk a lot about how I was communicating with the spirit of my unborn baby through the preconception and conception phase. You will be astounded to hear about how completely on point and accurate many of the predictions myself and my spiritual counsel made when it came to the timing of this divinely orchestrated pregnancy.

I discuss a little bit about connecting with the "karmic counsel" and also using Mother Ayahuasca as a means to more deeply know my little spirit baby before he/she comes earth side. If you are in your conception journey (or know someone who is!) and are looking for answers outside of the traditional medical and physical realm, this episode is for you!

Books I mentioned:

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