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Episode 41. Birth Story: Ayurveda, Ayahuasca, and "Birth School"


I am so excited to have another birth story to share with you all today! Tushita is a first time mother based out of San Diego California and we had such a pleasure speaking because on the day of recording (which was February 14, Valentine’s Day) we were celebrating exactly one year since we first met here in Costa Rica.

Tushita is a certified Ayurvedic health counselor who had a birth plan that got turned on its head and is now using everything she experienced and learned as her “curriculum“ for expanded healing and growth in her revolutionary process.

Today on the show we talk about her fertility journey and how she used Ayurvedic practices and some work with plant medicine powerhouse Mother Ayahuasca to help prepare herself for her birth experience and becoming a mother. We also discuss the magic that she is now offering to the world as a new mom.

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