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EP. 74. WTF is "Rebel Soul Health"? & An Update

So what is Rebel Soul Health?

Rebel Soul health is about being someone on the path to finding optimal health; on a physical mental, emotional, and spiritual level; who is ready, prepared, and desires to color outside the lines of what mainstream media, the medical system, and family and friends might feel is the path. It's definitely not following the path of least resistance. It is about zigging when everyone else seems to be zagging.

It's about being a spiritual seeker, who swears.

It's about being having a commitment to connection to Consciousness, to something greater and trusting that it doesn't mean that you have to wear your "Sunday Best" and go to a place of worship and be anything other than who you are in your heart.

Rebel Soul health is about learning that we can honor our bodies. We can honor God, we can honor spirit, and also like fancy things. A lot of the old mentality around spirituality is that we have to give up a lot of our worldly possessions and deny the desires that we have in life in order to be spiritual but I don't believe that.

Costa Rica vs Canada

It's also become really clear to me now that many of the ideas, beliefs and practices that were considered "normal" to my plant medicine drinking pals down in Costa Rica, are not exactly routine here in small-town, Ontario Canada. I spent a decade living in Costa Rica trying ot find my purpose from 2013 until 2023 and have just moved back to Ontario. I've really started to see that what's needed are more conversations about doing things differently.

Rebel Soul health is not just about being a badass when it comes to how you take care of yourself. It's also about doing and understanding what no mainstream messages are out there telling you.

That you are your medicine.

I believe that so much of what ails us stems from a lack of self-awareness and connection to our soul and intuition. What I teach and embody is about tuning into YOU and that no diet, belief system, morning routine or career is going to work or make you happy in the long term if it's not something that you feel called to on a deep soul level.


Ditching the diet mentality; not just coming back to intuitive eating but really understanding that nourishing our body temple is something that most of us take for granted, that most of us punish ourselves around. Most of us have completely forgotten the importance of food as medicine. When I was healing from my eating disorder I had to relearn how to feed myself. And I think many people with only mild (undiagnosed) disordered eating habits need to do the same.

Rebel Soul Health is also about Activisioning, my version of manifesting, where dreaming intermingles with doing big things.

Rebel Soul health is also about adopting of lifestyle of more being versus doing. So really, it all comes down to living with more presence, because after a decade of deep study with yoga, mindfulness, plant food and plant medicine, that's what it all boils down to.

In my work for myself and with my clients I always take a bottom-up approach over a top-down one. So what does this mean? This means the idea that we need to work with the body's wisdom first and then we can attack our brain and our mindset. 80% of healing comes through the body. We hold so much wisdom and pain and trauma in her body so we need to address that part of us first. And then once we address our body and our nervous system, then we can start to look at our thoughts. Mindset work is good for about 20% of our growth, and 80% comes from energetic somatic work!

Rebel Souls are ready to do things differently. Rebel Souls are ready to understand that their souls came to this planet to live this life and accomplish and learn certain things. And what most of us is done have done from the minute we were born is we've started to take on the ideas and the plans of other people.

So, being a Rebel Soul is all about coming back to YOUR plan. To your map, to your blueprint.

Rebel Soul Health isn't just a brand. It's a movement. Are you with me?

(Want a life update from me about how things are going since we moved from CR to Canada? Listen to this blog as a podcast HERE).


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