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Rebel Soul

Breath AlcheME Circle

Your 6 month intimate ticket home to yourself, via the breath.

Welcome to my Signature LIVE Group Breathwork Coaching Program


You are interested in deepening your connection to you breath, body, and soul. You are ready to take your self care, self awareness, and self study to the next level. You KNOW there is more to life and are prepared to step into your greatness!

In today's world of isolation, social media, and technology, true community has become a rarity. But within the Breathe AlcheME Circle, we are reclaiming the sacred bond of sisterhood. This circle was birthed from the depths of my soul, not only as a tool for your transformation, but also as a personal journey of growth for myself.

Sister, Let's Breath!

This is a LIVE 6-month breathwork immersion led by Meg Pearson where you:

  • Experience first-hand the profound effects of Meg's signature Breath AlcheME programming.

  • Realize you're not alone in this journey to rediscover your true self and the meaning of life 

  • Empower yourself to build unwavering self-trust.

  • Open your heart to a community of like-minded sisters and learn to hold space for yourself and their truths.


You will be expertly guided through weekly LIVE breathwork meditations and transformative group shares. Get ready to experience a profound shift in your relationship with your Self, all while being part of a supportive and bad-ass community!

Breath Alcheme
Breath Track

“In a very short time, Meg has taught me the tools of breathwork to live a more calmer, peaceful and present life. She is a gifted coach and mentor and I love her “no nonsense” direct communication. She is authentic and real and I am excited to continue this path with her for years to come.”



- Hillary

"Meg brings a newness to breathwork. I have completed 3 rounds of this program. I keep wanting to put in the work for myself, but it all goes back to the circle of trust that Meg creates. Every session brings exactly what I need at that moment... I fell in love with WHO Meg is as a coach, guide, sister and friend. I’ll be back for more." 

- Dana

This LIVE Breathwork Immersion is For You If:

  • You are new to the world of personal development and crave personalized guidance.

  • You have dabbled in Breathwork and want to make it a more integral part of your wellness routine.

  • You want to learn more about the feminine archetypes and how to incorporate them into your life.

  • You are curious about Breathwork and eager to experience its profound effects.

  • As a mama, you long to fill your own cup after years of pouring over for your family.

  • You feel a sense of isolation, but deep down, you know there are other women out there just like you—yearning for MORE out of life.

  • Your soul recognizes that you have something meaningful to offer the world, and you are ready to hear the messages of your heart on how to be of service.

  • You are eager to immerse yourself in a sisterhood of kindred spirits, forging connections that truly matter.


Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

Breath Alchemy

April - September Study

This is going to be the LAST Live Program for 2024! 


For six months we will come together to explore everything that is on our collective hearts.


We will explore the feminine via archetypal study, as well as a unique technique called Integrative Breathflow®. We will breath with the changes of the seasons from Spring, to Summer, into Fall.

We will acknowledge the moon and her wisdom while tending to the energy of our own personal cycles and human design.

This is going to be a group program akin to a mastermind of the breath!


Progam Details
breathwork feminine archetypes

Feminine Archetypes Embodied

This program is a journey of empowerment, calling you to embrace and embody the seven feminine archetypes, overcoming common challenges as you welcome in new more balanced, loving, and sustainable ways of BEing.


Call in Confidence 

Say goodbye to self-doubt and insecurity. Embrace unwavering confidence from within, untethered by societal expectations.


Make clear choices

Say goodbye to confusion. Get clarity and make decisions confidently.


let go of judgment

Shed the fear of judgment and embrace your authentic self without reservation. Cultivate resilience against external scrutiny, allowing your true essence to shine brightly.


emotional liberation

Experience profound emotional freedom as you release pent-up emotions and embrace your full spectrum of feelings. Find inner peace and balance through safe emotional expression.


do you!

Break free from the stiffness of conformity and rock your unique essence. Honor your authenticity, liberating yourself from the pressure to fit into narrow-minded feminine roles.


rock intimacy

Foster deeper connections and understanding in your relationships. Align with your authentic archetypal energy to dissolve communication breakdowns and pave the way for harmonious interactions.


Be body positive

Celebrate your body exactly as it is. Foster a profound sense of self-love and acceptance, liberating yourself from the grip of unrealistic beauty standards.


Community & collaboration

Feel seen, heard, and supported by a group of women walking the path back to their own hearts! Accept the invitation to receive and open up only as much as feels safe and productive to YOU. 

Meet Meg!

I'm a women's coach and breathwork facilitator, dedicated to empowering women to amplify their spirituality and make it a top priority in their lives. I'm the driving force behind "Rebel Soul Health," a space where I demystify spiritual and self-help practices, making them accessible and understandable. My approach stands out as I draw from my experiences with psychedelic plant medicine and my personal journey of triumph over an eating disorder, alcohol addiction, and sexual abuse.

I said f*ck this to my career as a TV director over a decade ago and left the concrete jungle to explore life and my TRUTH in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Back then everyone thought I was nuts; but I knew in my heart that I needed to do things DIFFERENTLY. As someone who "zigs" when everyone else is "zagging"; I continue to test limits (my own and the Universe's) and rarely walk the line (and often cross it!).

Now I help guide women back to their heart and body using the two things we all need yet often use thoughtlessly: Food & Breathing!

Let's embark on a transformative journey together!

feminine archetypes

"Meg is such an amazing soul and teacher, and to be able to benefit from her beautiful spirit and guidance on a weekly basis is such a gift. She is a powerful, compassionate, and skilled  guide. Every week is a new opportunity to release and unlearn all that no longer serves me on my journey. And the monthly workshops are packed with amazingness. Not to mention the connections being made with others in the community. If you are being called to join the circle, say yes!!"


- Jan

"Meg's breathwork sessions are transformative, creating a safe environment, allowing me to dive deep into my feelings, desires, and fears in a safe space. Her unique approach to breathwork is a reflection of her lived experience genuine commitment to fostering personal growth. Meg has successfully cultivated a culture of supportive female friendships within her practice. This environment not only enhances the overall experience and creates a community where women can connect, uplift, and inspire one another."

- Hailey

Rebel Soul Breath Alchemy Circle Inclusions

  • 24 (twenty four) LIVE weekly breathwork/women's circle sessions over 6 months

    • Sessions will be 75 minutes long

  • Group text community (via the Rebel Soul App)

  • PLUS, an ever-growing library of recorded audio breathwork and meditations

Breathwork London Ontario.JPG


For the Breathwork, we offer TWO time slots. To register please select the day/time that works best for you overall; AND if you have last minute scheduling conflicts during the program you can always hop onto the other call time that week!)

April to September Schedule*: 

  • Breathwork Circles (choose one):

    • Wednesdays at 8pmET

      • April 17th - September 25th)​

    • Thursdays at 10amET

      • (April 18th - September 26th)

*classes will be recorded should you not be able to attend live.

Healing Female Friendships

Money Back


Join the circle and if after 2 weeks you are not satisfied with the depth and level of connection you feel, receive your money back, no questions asked. 


Let's move through 2024 the most GROUNDED, nourished, and connected way possible! 


Register today for this transformative breath immersion!

Spaces are VERY limited & will fill quickly!

Investment: $197/month for 6 months

- Whitney

Megs breathwork session was amazing!  She welcomed each person into the space and really helped us settle in.  Her vibe is so down to earth and grounded that you instantly feel a sense of ease.  Meg created a comfortable and safe space to breath and journey together.  She explained each step and was available for support throughout the workshop.  I left feeling so much lighter and in sync with myself.  I would highly recommend Meg if you’re looking to explore breathwork!

- Anya

My experience with Breathe Alchemy Circle was so profound!


Meg guided our group through breathwork in a safe and welcoming space, helping me connect with my feelings on such a deep level. We explored different sides of being a woman and it was beautiful. I also loved that after each session we shared our thoughts with each other, making it a close-knit community. I'm happy to join Rebel Soul Membership and looking forward to more workshops and breathwork sessions with Meg.

Geneva, Tamarindo

Meg's Breathwork sessions are absolutely fantastic.  She created a safe and nurturing place for all of us to let go and feel comfortable leaning into the experience.  


Her voice was soothing during the meditation and the music she chose was absolutely perfect.  I'm not sure what happens to the mind/body/soul during breathwork, but it is absolutely powerful and mysterious.  It's as close as I get to feeling god.  Thank you Meg for holding space for us and I look forward to experiencing this again with you.”

  • What kind of results can I expect from regular Breathwork practice?
    With consistent Breathwork, you'll likely notice reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood and sleep, boosted energy levels, enhanced self-confidence, and better relationships with others.
  • Is Breathwork similar to meditation?
    Yep, they're like cousins! While both offer mindfulness benefits, Breathwork tends to be more active and immediate, focusing on shifting your body's state and promoting healing and transformation.
  • How should I prep for my Breathwork sessions?
    Get comfy in a quiet space, grab an eye mask for focus, maybe some essential oils for ambiance, and don't forget your headphones for the best music quality.
  • What's the difference between virtual and in-person Breathwork sessions?
    Virtual sessions offer the convenience of participating from anywhere, while still receiving expert guidance and support. It's all about flexibility and comfort.
  • What happens during a typical Breathwork session?
    We start with gentle stretching and relaxation, then move into various breathing exercises aimed at releasing tension and promoting inner calm. Sessions can vary in duration and focus.
  • Is Breathwork safe for everyone?
    Generally, yes, but it's always wise to check with your doctor if you're pregnant, have underlying health conditions, or are on medication.
  • How often should I practice Breathwork?
    Consistency is key! Most of my clients have seen the most tremendous results when they commit to weekly sessions and then do shorter practices in between (that’s why I supply an audio library of short practices on top of the live weekly classes)
  • Can Breathwork help with managing anxiety and stress?
    Absolutely! Many people find Breathwork to be a powerful tool for reducing anxiety, promoting mental clarity, and enhancing emotional resilience.
  • Do I have to share personal experiences during sessions?
    Not at all! In our circle, participation is optional, and our focus is on creating a supportive environment where you feel comfortable exploring your breath and inner experiences with zero pressure.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Breath AlcheME is a circle and your an important part of it! Once committed, we ask that you fulfill that commitment to show up for yourself as often as you can. Of course if you miss the live calls that's fine! Please watch the replays as you only get out what you put in. :) After the 14 day trial period, your monthly payment is due each month for 6 months whether or not you choose to actively participate. See our full terms and conditions here.
  • How do I access the replays and chat group?
    You will receive a link to download the Wix Spaces App where you will find easy access the the video replay library as well as the chat group. These are also accessible on a desktop computer.
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