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Breathe, Feel, Intuit: The Three Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential

Humanity's ability to function optimally is often constrained by habitual blocks we have over our relationship with food, movement, each other and our breathing! It also stems from our struggle to tap into our intuition, visceral intelligence, and the profound wisdom within us. We rely on three essential inputs for receiving this wisdom and unlocking your full potential and that's what I am riffing on today!

Intellectual Input

The intellectual input, often associated with our mind and it's blah, blah, blah, can be the most prominent and perceptible aspect of our inner world. It's a realm characterized by an incessant stream of thoughts—an astonishing 12,000 to 60,000 per day, as revealed by research from The National Science Foundation in 2005. Remarkably, this mental cacophony often skews toward the negative, with 80% of these thoughts taking on a pessimistic hue, and an astonishing 95% merely recycling the same repetitive patterns as the previous day.

In somatic breathwork, we sometimes aim to engage with this intellectual pillar, bringing awareness to the ceaseless mental chatter and working to transform its tone, thereby fostering inner peace and clarity through mindfulness and deep breathwork practices.

Emotional Input

The emotional input serves as a vital cornerstone of our inner landscape. It functions as an ever-present source of feedback and information, allowing us to continually sense and connect with our emotions. Yet, more often than not, we find ourselves numbing this pillar and trying to escape it through substance, social media, or shit down; especially when we lack the tools and understanding needed to navigate and heal the complexity of our emotions. Acknowledging and engaging with emotional input in somatic breathwork is akin to embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, where we learn to embrace, process, and ultimately find harmony within the rich spectrum of emotions that define our human experience.

Intuitive Input

The intuitive input, often regarded as the most profound facet of our inner being, remains largely underutilized unless we make a conscious effort to traverse through the intellectual and emotional pillars preceding it. We possess innate intuition, yet we often obstruct our connection to this wellspring of guidance within our own systems. Our intuition is the voice of our SOUL! Why the f*ck are we ignoring it??

Somatic breathwork is a powerful tool in this context, serving as a direct route to our intuitive input by bypassing the mental and emotional realms effortlessly. Often described as "industrial-grade meditation," breathwork propels us deep into our hearts, forging an intimate connection with our intuition. Those practicing breathwork frequently experience crystal-clear insights and intuitive revelations after just a brief session, effortlessly uncovering answers they sought.

Just ask Helen, a recent client who says "Bloody helll!! That was incredible! That is how I imagine tripping would be. I was completely grounded and yet suspended. I had reiki peacock colours connecting me to the universe. By whole body was fizzing, bubbling. And yet I feel peace & calmness. Thank you. I’d love to do that again!" - Helen, UK

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