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Coconut-Apricot Chews

Coconut-Apricot Chews


1 C raw almonds 1 C dried apricots ½ C shredded unsweetened coconut 1 T coconut oil ¼ C raw unsalted sunflower seeds ¼ C agave syrup


1. In food processor, process almonds until they form a gritty flour. 2. To processor, add the apricots and process on low until fruit is broken down and well combined with the almond meal. 3. Add all remaining ingredients and process until mixture forms a dough-like texture (it will begin to stick together in large hunks). 4. Remove bowl from processor and form dough into bite-sized balls (TIP: if you refrigerate the mix for 5-10 minutes it will be less likely to stick to your hands when rolling!) 5. Try one. Fall in love. Freeze or refrigerate remaining balls for keeping.

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