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Podcast Ep. #3: Transforming Through Breath

My conversation with Nicole Rager should not be missed!

I loved my interview with Nicole, and I know you will too. We chat about…

  • Transformational Breathe & how it helps you heal yourself

  • The "Law of Entrainment" for all you energy science nerds out there

  • The importance of "living as if" and FEELING how we want to BE.

About Nicole:

A midwest native, now based in San Diego, Nicole Rager has been immersed in the world of spirituality and psychological well-being all of her life.

She trained first and foremost under a self-help-loving mother who introduced her to every healing modality under the sun, and most recently by the founder of Transformational Breath, Judith Kravitz. Nicole was deeply affected by this modality in 2012 and has been traveling the world, teaching the technique ever since.

She developed the breathwork program at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica serving thousands of people, and currently teaches at various Transformational Breath events, collaborates with thought leaders and teachers around the world, and continues to develop retreats and online courses to support people in connecting with themselves to live abundant, joyous lives.

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