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Podcast Ep. #4: Human Design & Your Career

My conversation with Alejandra Hernandez should not be missed!

I loved my interview with Ale, and I know you will too. We chat about…

  • What HUMAN DESIGN is and how it can remind you who you are at your soul level.

  • How knowing your Type, Strategy, and Authority can help you better understand your values and motives.

  • What a Human Design Profile is and how knowing yours can help you heal parts of yourself that may be in shadow.

Human Design is the contract your soul makes with Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience and what karma you came to correct in this life. By learning all about your design, you can become the most authentic version of you! I am so excited to be training to read Human Design myself, as it has been SO helpful for me and I know it will be an integral part to my coaching practice moving forward (see my chart below!). Stay tuned to this space for when I announce my official offering - in the meantime you can get your free chart here.

According to Ale, "it is a powerful tool to play with and see how things begin to change in your life as you experiment living according to your design. It’s a tool that gives us permission to be ourselves. It’s a tool that is meant to empower; nothing here is good or bad, it just IS."

From Alejandra:

I'm the founder of EmpowHer Change. My vision is to strive for a world where women are empowered, supported, heard, purpose filled, and safe to contribute their magic to the world. My coaching is designed to empower women to live powerfully and authentically in their careers and lead a purpose filled life.

I spent years playing a role in human resources, managing job postings, reviewing resumes, executing phone screens and first-round interviews, and collaborating on hiring decisions.

I switched to career coaching to fuel my love of supporting and empowering others. I went into my own practice as a career coach because I noticed jobseekers and career changers were struggling with the big question: what am I passionate about? I coach women in the job search process to inspire a life of productivity, economic freedom, and fulfillment.

I also study Human Design (the science of differentiation) and implement it into my coaching practice as well.

What I can support you with:

  • Getting clear on what a fulfilling career is for YOU

  • Interview Preparation

  • Networking Skills

  • Negotiating your salary

  • LinkedIn Optimization

  • Resume Revamps

  • Cover Letters

  • Up leveling your mindset

  • Implementing positive habits

  • Go from living to get by to living to thrive

Connect with Alejandra:

Interested in learning more about the Live Ultimate products?

Interested in a Human Design reading? Message Alejandra on

To find your human design chart you must know your birth time & location and you can go to one of the following websites:


Meg's Human Design Chart


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