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Podcast Ep. #20: Embodying Certainty for Accelerated Manifestation with Tera Maxwell

What does it mean to transcend the Matrix?

My guest today is Tera Maxwell and she is going to offer up what she believes is possible whilst transcending the upper limit!

We discuss Tera's transition from living on the East Coast in the US to having her lightbulb moment and following her dreams when she realized she was following the pursuit of someone else’s version of success.

From living in Nosara where she felt finally plugged into the "socket of the universe", to creating and teaching people how to create from the heart, Tera and I talk a lot about the frequency and the science of quantum mechanics and how quantum physics is now finally really starting to back up with sages have been saying for thousands of years!

We talk about resistance and how the frequency of certainty can help accelerate manifestation!

Tara also shares about her powerful manifestation technique using what she calls "vision cues"- you will NOT want to miss this!

Key messages form today's show:

  • Embodying Certainty for Accelerated Manifestation

  • How to Stop Resistance in its Tracks

  • How Beyond Fear & Self-Doubt Lies Your Dream!

Tera is offering a FREE training & activation with a powerful energy transmission at the end: Activate Your Quantum GPS: How to Manifest Your Vision into Physical Reality. Check that out HERE.

Stay inspired and connected with Tera on Instagram. About Tera:

Tera Maxwell PhD assists high achievers to dissolve upper limits and consciously realize their goals through ease and flow without overworking. As a sole transcendence coach she is the founder of the affluent codes the quantum GPS method and trainer of quantum GPS coaches.

The key to accelerated results she really believes is soul alignment. Her scholarly work on intergenerational memories particularly for children of immigrants let her to develop her expertise and releasing ancestral patterns.

Tara works with entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe and leads retreats in Costa Rica where she lives a life of freedom with her three children.


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