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Episode 55. Adverse Childhood Experiences & Our Parenting with Candace St. John


Today on the show I have Candace St. John, a Public Health Practitioner & Pediatric Sleep Specialist who, after the birth of her own child in June 2020, she was floored by the amount of unsubstantiated evidence that most mainstream parenting techniques and ideologies are built upon.

She has made it her mission to not only break down the myths and misinformation that run rampant in the social media world as shared by so many “experts”, but to also help us understand that it really is okay to use both science AND your intuition when it comes to parenting decisions.

Today I talked with Candace about:

  • How we as parents can better support our kids through working to heal our own trauma

  • What ACEs (alders childhood experiences) are and how they shape EVERYTHING in our lives

  • Why evidence based information is lacking in both the health care sector and in many popular parenting resources and how this is adding unnecessary pressure and expectation on both the caregiver and child.

About Candace:

Growing up in a chaotic & unstable home, I have been drawn to professions that seek to address the root causes of trauma and illness to prevent it altogether.

public health. For the past five years, I have been serving as an Epidemiologist for a community health department in New Hampshire - analyzing trends in chronic health based on social determinants of health, equity, and trauma. Using data and facilitation skills to work with community to solve complex social and health issues has been a humbling experience.

After becoming a mother and struggling with postpartum depression & anxiety, I recognized the gap in education and support for parents in the United States. Much of the parenting advice is based on research with heavy limitations; and, most of it relies on behavior modification of the infant or child instead of shifting focus to parental healing, typical infant development, and unreasonable societal expectations.

I felt drawn to fill this gap.

Parents deserve all of the information available to make the best decisions for their families. Parents need to understand the interaction between social factors, equity, & trauma on their parenting options

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