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Podcast Ep. #21: Pleasure, Power, Play with Nadia Munla

Dance is medicine! If there is anything I have learned about my body over the last decade, it's that this "I don't dance" girl is a DANCER! Just ask anyone I drink medicine with! That being said, I can cut a rug and move through emotion any time a day, with out ANY substance altering my state and my guest today has heaps to share about the potency of this modality.

Nadia Munla created "Embody by Nadia" in 2015 and it has proven to be a tool MUCH needed then and today as we continue to navigate this massive shift that has and is taking place in our world. There are many reasons why "Embody" is special, one being that is a physical exploration of feminine pleasure, power and play.

In these sessions, Nadia (and her certified instructors) lead a journey of connection to 3 archetypes, ones that she refers to as:

  • Sensual Siren

  • Warrior Queen

  • Little Girl

Embody has been featured at the Health Coach Institute, Soul Camp (East & West), Goddess-on-the-Go, World Domination Summit, and many other events/retreats in Bali, Peru, Tulum and Hawaii. Embody has been taught at a UK Women’s Prison, at an Eating Disorder Clinic and will soon teach classes to teens and WOC fighting depression.

You can learn more about Nadia's Embody Program here.

You can find Nadia on Instagram.

About Nadia:

Nadia is an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach and the creator of Embody by Nadia™. Through private coaching and her Embody Certification, she helps visionaries reach embodied expression in their love & leadership.

Nadia’s core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied Union that heals the planet.


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