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Spotting Spirituality Scams & Why The Industry's Bullshit

Let’s get real: the booming industry around spirituality is, well BOOMING. And I am calling bullshit (on some things). We've been sold the idea that to be truly "spiritual," we need to buy overpriced crystals, essential oils, and follow elaborate morning routines.

But the truth is, spirituality isn't something you can purchase or schedule.

I have said it before and I will say it again - I am a spiritual person and I love my spiritual 'tings. AND I have learned after years of succumbing to the capitalistic nature of the north American way... that we don't NEED any of it ya'll.

1. Spiritual Products are a Cash Grab 

The market is flooded with spiritual products, from healing crystals to sacred incense, all promising to elevate your consciousness. These items, while delicious and a fun part of spiritual practice, often come with marked-up prices and cultural appropriation baggage to boot. Educate yourself, and remember that true spirituality doesn’t require you to spend a dime; it’s about inner work, not outer trinkets.

2. The Myth of the Perfect Morning Routine 

The idea that you need a two-hour morning ritual to be spiritual is absurd. Many spiritual "gurus" push extensive practices involving meditation, journaling, yoga, and more, implying that without them, you’re not doing it right. This narrative is not only exclusionary but also impractical for most people who have jobs, families, and lives to live. The 5am club is a farce. Not to mention, many women need 10 hours of sleep or more, and studies saying we need only 8 were done on men. Plus - INDIVIDUALITY. More on this on episode #92 of my podcast Rebel Soul Health Radio.

3. Authentic Spirituality is Simple 

At its core, spirituality is about connection, mindfulness, and authenticity. You don’t need a specific set of actions to be spiritual; it’s about your mindset and how you navigate the world daily. Whether it's a simple five-minute meditation, a walk in nature, or just being present in your everyday activities, spirituality can be integrated into your life without the need for an elaborate routine or expensive products.

4. The Pressure to Conform 

The commercial spiritual movement often creates a sense of inadequacy. If you’re not following the latest trends or buying the latest products, you might feel like you’re not "spiritual enough." This pressure to conform to a marketed version of spirituality is counterproductive and detracts from the genuine, personal experience of spiritual growth. Want a good laugh? Watch this hilarious parody song called "I'm more spiritual than you" on Youtube.

5. Spirituality Should Be Accessible 

Everyone has their own path to spirituality, and it should be accessible to all, not just those who can afford it. The commercialization of spirituality creates barriers and perpetuates the idea that you need external aids to connect with your inner self. True spirituality is about finding peace and connection within, without relying on external validation or products.

In conclusion, the spirituality industry has commodified what should be a deeply personal journey. Don’t buy into the bullshit that you need an extensive morning practice or a shelf full of products to be spiritual. Your spiritual journey is yours alone, and it can be as simple and genuine as you make it.

Mmmm k?

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