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How Breathwork Heals What Coaching Can't

I have done a lot of coaching trainings - in integrative nutrition, as a culinary nutrition expert, fertility coach, child birth education, spiritual coach, NLP & Human Design coach; you name it!⁠

While these certifications have helped me and my clients in many ways; what was missing for them and what was long missing for me on my personal transformational journey; was the ENERGETIC component.⁠

When it comes to transformation and resetting habits and beliefs; mindset is good for about 20% of it. Looking at and feeling into the Energetics can help heal the other 80.⁠


This is why I see miracle after miracle in my day job as a facilitator at an ayahuasca retreat center - the people there are opening up the the idea that we can’t solve our problems or heal our trauma through the mind!

We must move into our body; our HEART and that is were the medicine (Ayahuasca or our BREATH) can do the DEEP work.

Today on The Meg Pearson Podcast I expand on this topic and also discuss a revised version of “The Self Coaching Model”; a step by step plan for creating change.

The ego and the mind can only get us so far. We have to tune in to our emotions, release those that are standing in the way of us truly stepping into our highest version, and tap back into our intuition; where our innate wisdom lies eternally.

If you are looking for a new way to go about healing your pain, clarifying your confusion, or simply looking for another way to be in your life and in your body; then finding a coach that can work with you WITH your body rather than trying to talk your way OUT of it is key.

Once we begin to uncover the truth of our beliefs that exist behind the curtain of our subconscious awareness; only then can we shift our thoughts, move into our desired FEELINGS, take right action and experience the RESULTS we dream of.

So how do we release these often hidden limiting beliefs?

SOMATIC WORK! Getting into the body, rather than out of it. Mindset work brings us out - it lures us into the brain where we try to change the way we think.

The most accessible tool I have found to work within the body is Breathwork! Once I began doing this for myself and now with the clients I coach; profound shifts began to take place!

Listen to the full episode for more!


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