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Integrative Breathflow:
An Introduction

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Wednesday, April 3rd @ 11amET


Wild Voice, Wild Breath.

Embodied Integrative Breathflow is a whole-body healing method that uses breath to liberate women's heart area, voice expression and pelvic sensations. It combines a wide range of anatomically informed breathing exercises with shamanic dreamtime journeys, allowing participants to experience a full rooting into the body and profound connection to the intuitive self. 

Integrative Breathflow® addresses the 3 core blocks many women yearn to heal:

  • Liberating the Pelvis and Reconnecting to Pleasure

  • Opening the Heart Space and Ribcage

  • Activating the Voice and Power Source

Integrative Breathflow® is distinct from pranayama or breathwork, offering a balancing feminine practice that de-emphasizes fast pace or stringent repetition, and instead promotes inside-out somatic knowledge. 


It recognizes that we heal, release & rewire in the slow feminine dimension which leaves ample time for unfolding and physical adjustment.


This approach allows us to experience breath as a practice that takes us not up and out of the physical, but rather into the grounding and bliss of the body.


Participants are invited into a sensual, slow and soothing breath that integrates the forgotten feminine elements of sensory knowledge & embodied anatomy.


IB sessions affect key processes that intertwine with the breathing gesture— using somatic knowledge to free our voice expression, release myo-fascial patterns and awaken pelvic pleasure.

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April 3rd,

What are the Benefits of Integrative Breathflow®?

  • Experiencing the feminine dimension of breath 

  • Freeing the 3 key feminine centers of heart, voice & pelvis

  • Releasing old physical patterns with self-empowered bodywork

  • Liberating the body into new movement and joy 

  • Inviting myo-fascial release and re-patterning 

  • Connecting with your intuitive self 

  • Sinking into relaxation & body grounding 

  • Learning techniques to access your own inner guidance Entering profound rest & digest modes during breathing practice

  • Encountering the shamanic archetypes within 

  • Awakening full-body bliss and anatomical awareness 

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