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Copyright Meg Pearson, 2020

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Conscious Culinary Experience
Meg is a passionate professional plant-based & raw vegan chef & conscious food educator, yoga instructor, inspirational speaker, author, with a personal mission to make the world a sweeter (& greener) place, filled with love.
For the Love of Food
Her wish is to empower the head of every kitchen with the information and tools needed to create delicious, healthy, and clean food, no matter their background or experience.  Meg hopes to bring more awareness into the collective consciousness about food, vitality, spirituality, and our environment.  
Meg infuses every dish she creates with loving kindness,
honoring the ingredients and process every step of the way...

While inviting individuals to 'measure themselves' by performing live experiments – eating and listening to the body, noticing the effect that different foods have, and developing a personal diet and food philosophy according to how one feels, Meg also likes to integrate practices to help students explore the relationship between food, mind and spirit in her classes and coaching sessions.

Let's All

  • Love food & our bodies
  • Enjoy a primarily plant-based whole foods diet
  • Eat a high percentage of RAW foods
  • Choose organic food when possible (EWG's Dirty Dozen List)
  • Source locally when possible
  • Reduce gluten
  • Reduce refined sugars

 "I love this way of eating, I feel so good and not at all deprived!  


I wasn't in a place mentally to make these changes on my own. Meg gave me the tools I needed to really change my life!"

- Amanda

(see her video testimonial here!)