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Bold, Brave, & Authentic!

Meg holds no punches in delivering the honest and sometimes jarring truth of how she has faced and overcome some major challenges in her life. Her raw, authentic, and charming approach to difficult subject matter is both refreshing and much needed!



Meg has such a lovely way about her - 

Her voice conveys peace, calm and passion for this important work!


Raw & engaging convos that are desperately needed!

These episodes cover many topics that are taboo to discuss. As a collective we struggle to process our emotions and express our needs.


Meg is leading by example on what it means to feel the feels, and we are better for it...


...I'm excited for more of Meg + anyone she brings along!

Unleash your inner rebel and ignite your spiritual fire! Meg, the ultimate rebel soul, is on a mission to empower women to step into their truth, unleash their inner bad ass, and become the down-to-earth spiritual sisters they were born to be!

After ditching her career as a television director in Toronto, Meg fearlessly packed her bags and embarked on a life-altering adventure in Costa Rica. For a decade, she immersed herself in jungle living, birthing her beautiful babies and delving deep into the realm of plant medicines like ayahuasca.

But Meg's journey wasn't just about exotic escapades and awe-inspiring landscapes. She triumphed over her own battles, conquering alcohol addiction, bulimia, and the shadows of sexual trauma, and embraced motherhood at the age of 41, proving that it's never too late to rewrite your story.

Meg's no BS approach will take you on an exploration into personal development, motherhood, spirituality, food freedom, and everything in between.

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