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Miracle Meals

Miracle Meals


This is a PDF eBook. You can buy a paperback copy HERE.


Meg is an “intuitarian”, passionate plant-pusher, natural foods chef, Affluence Coach, yogi, inspirational speaker, retired TV director, cookbook author, and eating disorder awareness advocate, with a personal mission to make the world a sweeter aplace, filled with love.

After overcoming a series of life altering events in 2010 and 2011, Meg chose to take the leap and leave her 12 year career in live television production to pursue her passions: raw food, light work & yoga, and that brings her to where she is now. The perfect present.

Originally from Canada, Meg joined Rythmia Life Advancement Center in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica in 2016 and has been playing in the Roots Restaurant kitchens there ever since. In response to client demand, Meg has compiled this collection of selected recipes so that those feeling the positive effects of a plant-fueled diet may continue with their miracle meals at home.

"My main takeaway from my first visit to Rythmia...was the letting go of a lifelong pattern of negative feelings around food that miraculously vanished..

Meg is in charge and her food is AMAZING!" - Emilia

"Fabulous Meg. This women speaks to you from the heart, both verbally and through her food. She is beautiful both inside and out...her constant sharing of her wealth of food and nutrition knowledge, and her great life stories. LOVE. That's Meg." - Marla

"Wonderful Food! Great Person! Infectious Spirit! Everything about

Meg is pure joy! I only wish I lived closer. You're amazing!" - Adia

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