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Is This YOU?

Are you a young woman on a new path to spiritual awakening?

Are you seeking a mentor with years of life experience and relatable story?


Have you decided you are tired of "diet culture"?

Do you desire a life that is about more than obsessing

over how you look and what you eat?


Are you trying to get pregnant right now? 

Did you come to motherhood later in life?

Do you believe there is more to conceiving than just timing,

supplements, hormones and protocols?


Whether you are seeking a new conscious way of BEing, 

curating a new path in life,

or seeking to conceive a child;


The worry, stress, anxiety, and grief that surround healing from trauma,

releasing old ways of doing things,

pregnancy, loss, and new motherhood

isn't something you should go through alone.


Empowered & ALIGNED


  • Awaken

  • Learn

  • Investigate

  • Gather tools 

  • Navigate a new way of living 

As a woman, we are always BECOMING.

Whether you have decided not to have kids,

are trying to conceive,

or dealing with loss,

with child,

or have crossed the threshold into mama-dom,

you know the journey is ever unfolding. 

In a world where connection has been replaced with technology, and our intuition has long been pushed aside in favor of advice, the importance of coming back to our center during this sacred time has never been more apparent.

We are distracted.

Many of us have become confused by the static; 

Gotten lost on our path.

We have listened to so many voices, adopted words and stories around our health,

our identity,



and we've let ourSelves be told what to feel, do, question.


If you’ve made it here, you're likely ready to FINALLY

fall back in love with YOUR journey.

(re)parenting ourselves and coming hOMe.

reigniting the divine feminine within us and around us.

Supportive, rich, nurturing.⁠ This is what sisterhood should be about.

Why then, has it gotten so lonely?⁠
Why are working so hard to go it alone?⁠
Who do we think we need to be, other than ourselves?⁠

What a gift to embody the goddess. Creation. Intuition.⁠

We don't need to pretend anymore sisters. ⁠
We can ask for help.⁠
We deserve, to be helped.⁠

Sisterhood is sacred.⁠
reBirth, a right of passage wrought with lessons, challenge, learning, and JOY.⁠

It is meant to be shared. ⁠


Becky, New York

Meg changed my life by showing me how to harness my past struggles and turn them into hard-won wisdom & self-love. She is a testament to how transformation is available to all of us (as are success & fulfillment) -- no matter what we've been through. As Meg says, "my struggle is my strategy." This shift in perception has forever changed me. Because I now know my past is part of my path. And that my path is always bringing me toward growth & expansion. Thank you, Meg!


Amanda, New York

My experience working one on one with Meg has been an absolute gift from the universe. Meg is patient, kind, has amazing energy, and makes you feel safe to explore yourself and your healing…. I  cannot stress enough how safe I  always felt, diving in to the healing work with Meg. Meg held space for me, and I  even shared things that hurt to share and even think about/some things that were deeply embarrassing for me that I  had never said before out loud, and felt absolutely zero ounce of judgement. Meg had such a natural ease in knowing just the right questions to ask to help me go inward while also leaving space for my own thoughts and ideas to come through. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose, absolutely no doubt about that! 


Dina Pugliese, BT Toronto

Sweet Meg you are a fan favorite!


Your passion and enthusiasm and love a good, healthy, food radiates through the small screen. Thank you for nourishing us with amazing food and raw food recipes!


You always inspire!

Sometimes all we need is our voice. To be heard.

And when we're ready; honest, caring, unbiased support.

This is why I have created my coaching programs and courses to help support you;

in the ways YOU need it most. I use a range of methods in my sessions, including client-guided coaching, breathwork, human design, and other holistic therapies as required. 


Freeing ourselves from the lies of diet culture and handcuffs of disordered eating is a process. It takes courage; the courage to self discover, become more self-aware, change your mindset, release old addictive thought patterns, and come back to the truth of who we are; divine and perfect creatures SO much more interesting than what any scale or dress size can dictate. 


Join me on a path of rediscovering your inner intuitive healer and begin to erase that distracting and abusive voice in your head for good!  You deserve to find true and lasting freedom! Isn’t it time you started to truly INjoy life AND food again?

CONCEPTION: There is more at play than just the physical mechanics in this 3D world when it comes to conceiving. If you are here, part of you knows this. I have learned a lot about the realm of Spirit Babies; and have also been able to conceive naturally, unassisted, 5 times since the age of 38. We suffered 3 losses, and I have come away with much insight and know how women like myself need to be heard and supported through this journey. 

PREGNANCY: Pregnancy opens a portal for us between the worlds. It offers an opportunity to connect to ourselves in a deeper way and recover lost innate wisdom. Carrying a child is a divine invitation to explore our vastness, our link to creation Source, learn what we are truly capable of, and immerse ourselves in self love and the truth of who we are.

BIRTH PREP: Just find out you're pregnant? Hooray! In addition to my private coaching programs for expecting mamas, I also offer holistic, unbiased, and comprehensive childbirth education classes and will be launching an online a course very soon!

POSTPARTUM: Perhaps the most important and often overlooked phase in the motherdom journey, this time post-birth is precious, precarious, and uniquely expansive. If there is one thing I wish I'd had after the birth of my first child, it's postpartum support from an understanding sister. 




Virtual/ In Person 

Aligned & Empowered Breathwork is an experience of support in finding greater clarity, presence and ease. Breathing techniques, guided contemplations, embodiment practices and bodywork serve as catalysts to release and repattern nervous system responses. 

Coach meg Pearson_edited.jpg

(3+ 6 months)


Wellness/Food Freedom/ Conception/Pregnancy/Postpartum Coaching Programs

3 or 6 month long 1-on-1 coaching programs. We will meet every other week (2x/month) for a total of 6 sessions. 

Peaceful Paretning.JPG



One on one deep dive into what it means to parent yourself FIRST.


Self-paced online programs and group membership circles  to help support your matrescence/parenting journey.



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