What they had to say

What others have had to say...

Don't let the idea of raw foods overwhelm you. If you're already inspired to get healthy, but just need someone to show you how, Meg's your girl! 


I attended her Raw Harvest class and found her to be very open, honest and motivated to help introduce more nutrient rich foods into my diet. Watching her create an assortment of dishes (which we all got to sample - YUM!), and being able to ask questions at any time, made it a fun and easy learning experience. I especially love her "nutritarian" approach to eating where it's not focused on calories, but more about "Nutrients in, energy out". Makes perfect sense to me!

- Michelle Thorpe



"I'm so pleased I attended the raw food cooking class with Meg. The class definitely exceeded my expectations - I took so much from the class, but wasn't overwhelmed. I learned many raw food recipes, that don't involve going out and buying many new ingredients, as most of the recipes involved things that I already have in my kitchen. I did, however, learn about some new products that I'd like to incorporate into my cooking. I truly feel this class struck a perfect balance of learning to incorporate some healthy, delicious recipes while not overwhelming me with too much. And the food was so, so delicious! Who knew raw could be SO good!"
- Jennifer, Toronto, ON