Faded Shapes

Soul-Fueled  Abundance Story

I am about to share something that "me" of 5 years ago would have been too ashamed to speak of. ⁠But today I see my old "mess" of a life as my MESSAGE. So here goes...

⁠I am 40 and don’t have one penny saved up for retirement OR my daughter’s future. ⁠But I am starting NOW.

Thankfully, the me I AM today has no time for feeling embarrassed, and definitely doesn't let a little thing like old shame or guilt, or FEAR stop me!⁠

My partner and I have been working hard the last little while, to clear out credit card and tax debt and get back on track to saving for our futures. Of course 2020 made that tough, but we know the only way out is through!


We’ve been exploring tons of way to bring more traffic into our tattoo shop and I have been building my online biz behind the scenes, working 1 on 1 with clients and creating courses and classes to help scale when the time is right.


All of this helps - AND takes a lot of work, time, and trust.


Recently I began seeing people I know make massive shifts in their income and lives by simply being themselves & sharing their truths online. They told me that they are a part of a NEW ERA of online business, where you don’t need to sell a thing to bring in the magic…


⁠I know, it sounds too good to be true, right? But listen -


  • I had brunch with my friend who shared she had her first 5 figure MONTH after only working this biz for a few. ⁠

  • I’ve watched another pal on my team RETIRE their husband from corporate; by simple being HERSELF.


I watched it happen for them, and decided I needed to make it happen for me, too.


What if it is possible to run a FREEDOM-BASED biz from my phone, in the background, while I continue to live the life of my DREAMS?


Well I have learned that it is.


I am now leveraging a platform with an AUTOMATED system that does 90% of the work for me. I still get to be the teacher, coach, light worker & mom that I want to be in this world, while also bringing in the abundance I desire for my future.


If you are tired of pushing papers, living the “hustle”, or being stuck in a box that society gave you…


Or if you need more income to support the lifestyle you have created or DREAM of…

I would love to welcome you to the new era of ONLINE BIZ.