Intuitarian Chef Services

Choosing to give yourself the services of a personal trainer over 

attending a group fitness class offers

immeasurable benefits.  


Personalized programs are always best.  


If you are looking for the motivation to create serious change, then working one-on-one with a  culinary whiz and food educator like Meg Pearson is the best thing you can do for


Intuitarian Catering/Retreats

Hosting a retreat in Costa Rica, the US or Canada, and in search of a natural food gourmet chef to feed your group?  


I can create personalized menus that cater to you and your guests' individuals needs!


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Executive Food Services 



- Personalized Cookbook & Recipe Development
- In-Home Raw Chef/Cooking Services
- Educational Food Workshops

- Private/Small Group Cooking Lessons


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Eat with your eyes first.

Let Meg's soulFULL, beautiFULL food take you away.  Fall back in love with your plate, reignite your passion for eating, and live in the love that her whole, natural foods provide.  


Eat the rainbow.  Fall in love with food.