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Welcome Back!

Hello my friends!

Hola, mi amigos!

Welcome back! It has been a time since I last posted here, and I am so very happy to once again have my hOMe back online. I have been spending a lot of time in front of my keyboard the last couple of months (thanks to the extra time gifted me through COVID), and am excited to share that my book is nearly complete! It is an autobiography of sorts, as it covers a lot of my life within it, but it's main focus is on all of my seeming "darkness" becoming light. The pages include a lot of honesty, brutal truths, and also lessons; the things I have learned along my path to healing.

The book began back in 2011, when I started my very first blog, not too unlike this one. The book will include actual entries that I had posted back then, unedited, so that I can more clearly express where I was then, and where I am now. I think I will also begin sharing excerpts from the book (and old blog), here. What do you think? Lets' begin today.

When I was 30 I was once again called to puts words to paper, so to speak, and that was when I started my very first blog, “Happy Life: One Gal's Plunge Into the Present”. It was at this time that I was starting to go through my proverbial DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, transitioning out of my decade long career in television, grappling with a failed engagement, addiction to alcohol, extreme bouts of bulimia, and the impending death of my ill father.

I was just beginning to embark on my spiritual journey, and I had no fucking idea what I was doing, but what I did know, was that sharing my story felt good.

My first entry, timestamped as being September 20, 2011, was re-written in late August of 2011, titled POST ONE. My original first series of posts were deemed too raw by some family members and internet trolls alike, so I took them down and re-submitted them to my page again beginning of December of 2011. I wish I still had the original posts, but alas.

I only had two people comment on POST ONE, and I am sure about that many read it that day, but sharing my words in this way changed me. Having a public forum to freely express where I was standing each moment in time; sharing my deepest darkest thought and emotions; giving my self permission to be me, do me, and unapologetically shine my truth out into the world, was like nothing I had ever experience with my writing up until that point.

And here we are again. I hope you will join me, as I again begin to deep dive into my essence. But it won't all be feelings and philosophies here. Expect to see recipes too! Welcome to Meg's Musings. Please, y'all, enjoy the ride!