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Podcast Ep. #2: Bulimia, Bankruptcy, & Bliss (part 2)

Meg pearson podcast

In part two of Meg's story, she talks about how the universe conspired with her to create the life of her DREAMS in Costa Rica. She shares a bit about the many course and certifications she has done to help her teach, share and lead from an authentic and educated place, and also more about her experience in LIFE SCHOOL!

You will hear about how she believes she used food to heal herself of pre-cancerous dysplasia, and how she used breath to release the pain of sexual abuse. She opens up about her marriage and divorce, time in a polyamorous relationship and how one night of plant medicine gifted her sobriety. Hear how two emergency room visits in one week while pregnant rocked her world and what she stands for in her life today.

CONTENT WARNING: May be triggering from some listeners.


Ashley Ludman (Breakthrough Breathwork)



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