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Podcast Ep. #22: To Quit or Not to Quit with Sarah Vermunt of Careergasm

“The Big Quit” is happening! Right now, more people than EVER are handing in their resignation letters and saying goodbye to jobs that they hate. If the last 18 months has shown us anything, it’s that there IS another way to live and work!

Sarah Vermunt is the Founder of Careergasm and the author of Careergasm and Career Rookie. She helps people figure out what the heck they want so they can quit jobs they hate and do work that feels good.

Today we are talking about rock bottoms and the ricochet effect, how we can stay empowered during this time of great change, and that there is nothing wrong with you if you love what you do!

Sarah offers her number one tip when it comes to navigating a career shift and and speaks to the benefit of perhaps staying on the job and leveraging this interesting phase we are in.

Sarah’s work has been featured at Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and lots of other cool places. She lives in Toronto and online at

Sarah has a FREE 3-day career clarity course that really helps people who feel lost about what they want. They can find it at HERE!

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