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Podcast Ep. #13: Power of Ritual

Annie Ladino is a Colombia-born, Chicago-grown chica with a heart of gold and lightworker goals!

On today's episode she shares her story from working in fashion and on celebrity cover shoots for a famous magazine, to her struggles with purpose, health and trauma, to living her life with connection higher source thanks to work with plant medicine, ritual, and a path of reciprocity.

About Annie:

Annie Ladino is a certified Astrologer, Kambo Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Psychedelic Spiritual Integration Coach. Born in Bogotá, Columbia, Annie has deep ancestral roots connected to the rituals of Yagé, one of the oldest forms of Ayahuasca.

At the age of three, she and her parents relocated to the United States where she would grow up in Chicago with a profound love of fashion. Her passion and talents took her to New York where she went on to graduate from FIT before landing her dream job at Elle Magazine.

Annie worked closely with Susan Miller, which sparked a deep love and on-going study of astrology. After 13 years of working as a stylist in the fashion industry, Annie found herself suffering from Lupus which inspired her to turn her eye for style inward to focus on inner beauty and healing. Within two months of deepening her work with Kambo, Annie discovered that she no longer had symptoms of this autoimmune disease. For many years, Annie has served under the tutelage of incredible healers, and is honored to continue to hold space for others along their spiritual journeys. Although Annie has sat with many different medicines, she believes that the true way to heal is through integration-- the connection and the return back to one’s own wholeness.

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