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Inviting Wellness through Community: Lessons from the Blue Zones

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In the quest for optimal well-being, we often find ourselves searching for the perfect diet, exercise routine, or lifestyle hack. Yet, a groundbreaking study known as the Blue Zones reveals that one of the most potent elixirs for a long, healthy life isn't found in a bottle or on a plate—it's the power of community. Yes, there is a new Netflix series on the Blue Zones, AND I have spoken about this for YEARS as a teacher and support team member at a plant medicine retreat centre and spent a lot of time sharing about the dietary discoveries from the Blue Zones too (check out the below pictures taken when I did a live television appearance talking about the traditional cuisine of the Costa Rican Blue Zone, the Nicoya Peninsula on Breakfast Television in Toronto in 2018!)

The Blue Zones study, which examined regions around the world with unusually high concentrations of centenarians, unearthed a common thread woven through the fabric of these longevity hotspots: a deep sense of community. In places like Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, and Loma Linda, California, people don't just live longer; they live better.

So, what's the secret? It's the profound sense of belonging, shared purpose, and mutual support that comes from being part of a tight-knit community. These centenarians are not just surviving; they're thriving, thanks to the bonds they've nurtured with their neighbors, friends, and loved ones.

In the world of wellness, we're often told to focus on the individual—our diets, exercise routines, and self-care practices. While these are undeniably important, the Blue Zones remind us of a fundamental truth: our well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of those around us. It's the quality of our connections and the strength of our social bonds that truly elevate our health.

At our upcoming event, we're inspired by the wisdom of the Blue Zones. We're not just offering personal development insights; we're creating a community where your well-being is our collective mission. It's a place to forge lasting connections, share your journey, and discover the magic that happens when individuals come together to support one another.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of personal growth while honoring the transformative power of community. Let's learn from the Blue Zones and cultivate not just a longer life but a healthier, happier one, surrounded by a thriving community that's here to uplift us all.

"Thrive Together: The Power of Community" When: Saturday, November 4th, 2023 Time: 9am - 4pm (registration starts at 8:30am) Where: CFB Trenton, Bakkers Island, Ontario Canada Embrace wellness in a supportive space as we shift from self-care to community care! Discover the healing power of breathwork, ecstatic dance, sound healing, and wellness workshops. Connect with kindred spirits and take a step towards a healthier, happier you. What's included: - Wellness workshops focused on connection - Somatic Breathwork session - Crystal bowl sound bath - Dance of Liberation ecstatic dance - Lunch: Fresh pressed juice and whole foods salad - Unlimited collaboration and connection! Investment for the entire day: $99

To register - Send e-transfer to and include your name, phone number, and email in the "notes"

Another way to grow in community? Join me for a WEEK of breathwork and all the other integrative practices that I know to be profoundly healing and beneficial in Costa Rica! My Rebel Soul Medicine Retreat is OFFICIALLY open for registration!


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