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Podcast Ep. #9: Talking Tarot & Your July Reading!

Today on the show I speak with my dear gal pal Rebecca Schmidt!

I have known Rebecca for many years and she too resides here in the jungles of Costa Rica!

We talk about:

  • Her healing journey and the tools she has used to find her way back to soul-fueled living

  • Angel numbers and what they can mean

  • How she uses the Tarot as part of her practice & reads for others!

As announced in this episode, I will be teaching a FREE live cooking class inside the Ignite in Community Facebook group on Monday July 19th at 12pmEST. Please join the group to attend (for women only).

Here are the details for today's reading (July 15th through July 31st)

Cards pulled:

Reading Video:

Connect with Rebecca:

I offer down to earth tarot card and crystal readings that offer clarity, confirmation, guidance and loving support via voice recording, video call or in person session.


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