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Loving on UnMet Childhood Needs Through the Breathe

How we can heal trauma and integrate childhood wounds through trauma-informed Breathwork


I remember one of the first breathwork sessions I ever experienced in Costa Rica years ago. It took me DEEP.

I went in rolling my eyes actually; assuming this was just another meditation class and that my friends advice to wear waterproof mascara (or none at all) was just plain silly.

Fast forward to the end of that 90 minute session of circular connecting breath…and WOW

The RAGE I had felt 🔥

The CALM I had found. 💗

But first, I had to be in that RAGE.

At first it appeared as anger at myself for coming to the class in the first place.

Then it morphed into mad fire directed towards the facilitator (my ego’s way of assigning blame for all that uncomfortable FEELING I was experiencing)

And eventually; as I melted into the beingness of it all, and allowed the fury to find it’s place in my heart; I got to know it.

And I understood where it came from and why it had been in hiding for so, so, long.

It was messy; my big feelings needed lots of space; much like a toddler having a tantrum, the emotions needed room to breathe too…

And in the end, my tears and moans and screams and yells were met with nothing but love and understanding.

Breathwork is a light.

It shines our shadows bright and activates us in a way that no other medicine can; allowing old pain, fear, anger, and grief to dissolve, release, and transmute into…






It doesn’t always look good; but how it feels? PRICELESS

After this experience I went on to certify as a Breathwork Facilitator in 2017.

Breathing is a fundamental function that we can do automatically, as well as consciously. This gives us access to co-creation, from automated reactions to creative responses. We are hardwired with awareness, intuition, innate wisdom and healing ability.

Conscious breathing connects us fast and undeniably. As we drop into Presence (an all-inclusive state of non-reaction) we are able to release contraction and resistance, and welcome all of our aliveness. We are fundamentally changed by the transmissions that come through.

Letting the breath do the work

Breathwork is the simplest tool to use for personal growth and transformation.

SO what WAS that anger I felt in that session?

It was the anger I felt to ward the boys that had hurt me as a young girl ; I was molested and experienced date rape.

It was anger I felt towards the men in my life at the time who I EXPECTED would protect me.

I did not feel SAFE as a young person. And so I have created SO MANY coping mechanisms for that little girl deep inside in order to feel safe now, as an adult.