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Podcast Ep. #7: Soul Clarity & Channeling Light Languages

My conversation with Meg Sylvester should not be missed!

I loved my interview with Meg, and I know you will too. We chat about…

  • Meg's transition from life in corporate to using her innate gifts as a healer and guide to help other women connect to their soul's purpose.

  • What it means to truly accept our bodies.

  • Meg's ability to channel an ancient light language for healing!

About Meg:

Meg Sylvester is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual Guide, and a leader in the field of worthiness and the Divine Feminine. Meg brings a loving and nurturing energy to her experiences, making students of all levels feel comfortable and supported. She believes that true fulfillment and joy are available to everyone and everyBODY and enjoys helping her students integrate ancient practices into their everyday, modern lives. Meg has led students all over the world in transformational experiences and retreats and continuously brings her wisdom of manifestation, meditation, and well-being to wellness publications, podcasts, and mindfulness-based events around the globe. As a passionate advocate for body positivity and vulnerability, Meg openly shares her journey around insecurities, self-worth, and embracing the softer side of life. Above all, Meg is most proud of her role as wife, mama, and friend. You can find her at , on Instagram at @MeghanSylvester, or tune into her podcast, Manifest Miracles.

Connect with Meg:

  • The Lotus Collective: An Online Kundalini Yoga Studio taught by Meg Sylvester. Launching early September. Get on the waitlist to receive access to discounted Founder's Rate as low as $12 per month. Check it out here.

  • Nurture the Spirit Women's Retreat: Austin TX | September 23-26th, spots are going fast! More info.

  • Book a Soul Clarity Session with Meg to receive intuitive and channeled guidance from your Spirit Team. Book it now!


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