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Episode 64. Transforming Picky Eaters


Do you have a picky eater at home? I sure do!

Today I have returning guest Poppy of Low Stress Motherhood on the show!

After almost a decade of working one-on-one with babies and toddlers in a home environment, feeding them breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner; this twin toddler mom, licensed childcare provider, and owner of a Montessori-inspired family daycare has heaps to share about picky eating!

In today's convo we cover:

- 6 Food Exposure Activities That Can Get Your Picky Toddler To Try New Foods

- What "food chaining" is and how it can help

- The basis for Poppy's Transforming Picky Eaters: A 4-Week Plan

Listen to Poppy's story as well as the deets on her amazing Peaceful Potty Training Technique (which by the way I utilized with my daughter Cobie in June of this year with great success!) on episode #53 - “Peaceful Pottying: Putting More FOCUS ON THE PARENT”

About Poppy

I’m a wife, a no-frills, mom-bun-almost-always twin toddler mom, licensed childcare provider, owner of a Montessori-inspired family daycare and preschool just outside of San Francisco and the creator of When I’m not creating lesson plans for my preschoolers or helping babies explore new foods, potty training busy toddlers or showing my girls how to take turns, you can find me blogging, watercolor painting, grabbing a latte and hitting the park with my girls, road biking with my husband, or watching reruns of friends.


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