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Episode 63: Ozzy Comes Earthside! Our Birth Story


⁠You guys! We finally did it! We had our baby boy Ozzy.

AND we finally got around to recording our birth story to share with you all. I am so excited to be offering this out into the world, And I am thrilled that my fiancé, best friend, partner, lover, and teacher Levi Moodie was able to join me to share his perspective on things as well.

Show Notes:

Episodes Mentioned:

This is the Day - by Jaya Lakshmi

Now is the time When I let go of my fears, inhibitions, and sense of dread

When I give up control and let you hold me

With no resistance in my soul

This is the day when I throw it all away Into the fire of the all loving one

Now I have just what I need

To be free to feel who I really am

Here is the place

Where I fall into grace

And release into the sweetness of your love

I surrender, I remember the light, and the beauty that I am


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