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Episode 62. Is Food Before 1, Just For Fun? 8 Mistakes We Make When Feeding Our Wee Ones


⁠Why is offering our baby food important before age 1? Or is it? I have returning guest, pediatric dietitian Priscila Cleary on the show again! ⁠

⁠On today’s episode we discuss the old adage that "food before 1 is just for fun" PLUS and we go over 8 common mistakes that parents make while starting their baby on solids. ⁠


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About Priscila Cleary, RDN, MS, CSOWM

Pri is the Pediatric Dietitian and founder of Baby To Table Nutrition. Her focus is on child and family nutrition. She completed her dietetics training both here in the US, and in Brazil where She is originally from. She earned a Masters' degree in Nutrition from Florida State University. At home her life is also all about feeding babies and toddlers. Priscila and her husband have three small children, 3 years old and under. She is passionate about helping parents feed their children with confidence and joy from the start. She provides coaching and online resources (guides, courses, workshops) for parents/caregivers of babies and toddlers.

FREE Food Library- A library with foods that you can introduce to your baby during their first year and beyond. Each food entry contains instructions, demo videos, and pictures about how to select, prepare and safely feed each food to your baby.

The Baby To Table Club - membership with guides, videos, classes, and more to help parents with the introduction of solids.

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