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Episode 57. The Human Design Collective + Cobie and I Get A Reading!


Human Design as a support in our parenting! What do YOU know about this fascinating tool?

This episode was SO fun for me as I have been in my own HD experiment for a couple of years now!

My guest today is Melissa Leithwood; Women's Mentor, Certified Gene Keys Guide, and 6/3 Emotional Projector in Human Design. She is a mother to two Generator type girls whom she homeschools. She mentors women in embodying their soul's purpose through Human Design and the Gene Keys so they may pass this wisdom along to their children.

Melissa goes over why Human Design can be SO helpful for us in understanding WHO our children are at a soul design level, and she even gives me some insight into how I can best support my dear daughter Cobie (I am a 5/1 Generator and Cobie is a 2/4 Manifestor for anyone out there that knows a thing or two about this stuff!).

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